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In The News for Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Posted Jun 22 2021 7:33AM

·       What if the audits taking place now reveal what many of us believe to be the case, that the election was stolen? What difference does proving a stolen election Make? All the difference in the world.

·       Admiral Michael Gilday is the Chief of Naval Operations and Ty Smith is the father of a student in Bloomington. They are both talking about Critical Race Theory. One of them actually knows what he is talking about. Three guesses who that is.

·       We might have the beginnings of a movement. Media executives are very nervous, I’ll bet.

·       I’ve made fun of the truly obnoxious Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) before. He is a John Laroquette look-a-like and his personality reminds me very much of the character Laroquette played in Stripes, the feckless Captain Stillman who wound up being reassigned to the Arctic Command[JW1] . The Captain Stillman of the Senate, Sheldon has found himself in somewhat of a pickle. After promising to get out of the segregated beach club he belongs to way back in 2006, it has come to light that not only has he not done so, but his wife is one of the largest shareholders of the club. Read his ridiculous responses to the reporter who asked him about the situation and then imagine the hair pulling, clothes rending, teeth gnashing response they would have gotten from the press if he were a Republican.

·       Meme Of The Day

·       Retired Col Allen West, 600+ Veterans release letter denouncing ‘woke’ military, socialism in US and more. The only reason it had only 600 signatures is because I and thousands if not millions of other veterans didn’t have a chance to sign it.