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In The News for Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Posted Apr 27 2022 7:00AM

·        The Voters Are In On Biden. The Harvard Harris poll has some very interesting data. It is obvious that illegal immigration is a huge issue as we approach the midterm elections, and the Democrats seem totally tone deaf to the price they may pay for not enforcing our immigration laws. Citizens are fed up. Also of note, almost 70% of those polled say that if Joe was complicit in Hunter’s activities he should be impeached.

·        Mid-Week In Pictures: Muskageddon Edition

·        Maybe the most embarrassing poll ever for Slow Joe. In a new I&I/TIPP poll, ‘Not Sure’ beat Biden 28%-19% in the 2024 election.

·        Jeff Bezos makes snide comment about Elon’s takeover and gets trolled royally.

·        It might get interesting if Elon digs into some of this.

·        Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal set to receive $42 million if terminated within 12 months of the takeover. That’s an easy one. Just give him a desk in the men’s room and wait for a year to pass. Problem solved.