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In The News for Thursday, February 18, 2021
Posted Feb 18 2021 6:36AM

·       Rush Limbaugh, R.I.P. He was in a class by himself and he dominated his profession for a lot of years. His studio used to be on the first floor below our Palm Beach office when I was with Morgan Keegan. As you walked up the sidewalk to enter the building, you could usually smell cigar smoke since he often kept his windows open. Mark Steyn had a beautiful obituary. His comments on Rush’s humor are particularly fun. Here are 20 of his greatest quotes. #14: A Bigot is a person who wins an argument with a liberal.

·       How Gone Is He? As ex-President Trump said, He is “either not telling the truth, or he’s mentally gone” based on his vaccine statements. I’d say it’s a little of both based on his past history.

·       President Biden on China. “Culturally, there are different norms.” Thank you, Chauncey. There will be growth in the spring.

·       Never, ever, apologize to the Woke Police. Ever!

·       A formerly great city seems determined to descend into madness. Nashville City Council votes exclusively for Social Justice proponents to serve on community oversight board. Liberals ultimmately destroy everything they touch.

·       The narrative being pushed more and more by the Democrats and liberals, but I repeat myself, is total bulls**t. Biden said during a CNN townhall yesterday that former military officers and former police officers were fueling “the growth of white supremacy.”

·       False and exaggerated claims are still being spread about the Capitol “riot.” Hardly surprising. The Dopeler Effect at work. It is aimed at those lost in the Bozone.

·       Shocked, shocked, shocked. Behold my shocked face. Wind and Solar TKO’d by Ice and Snow.

·       It you need any reason to tune out politicians when they are asked questions that entail a knowledge of science and want to see just now dumb some of them are, look no further. Kamala Harris totally botched her defense of Joe Biden’s failure to keep his promise to open schools in 100 days.  

·       You may not remember the case of Howard Root who was victimized by the DOJ and won a complete and utter acquittal while making the DOJ attorneys look stupid and  showing them up for the unethical miscreants they were. This is a very good letter from Mr. Root to the DOJ attorneys.

·       Brian Williams quietly cuts ties with the scandal ridden Lincoln Project. Kind of like when Michael Avenatti turned out to be the creepy porn  lawyer everyone else knew he was. Brian is a standing joke even among his peers. He is the talking suit of all talking suits.

·       Airline passenger traffic fell last year to lowest number since 1984. I’ve gotten some very good deals lately on flights booked two or three weeks in advance, particularly on Southwest.

·       I continue to be amazed that Joe Scarborough has a platform. I guess not having any viewers doesn’t really matter to MSNBC. Joe had the brilliant observation that you can’t compare BLM and Capitol riots because Taco Stands are not as important as Capitol. Just when you thought the standards of journalism couldn’t possibly be degraded any further.

·       The right answer: “Lighten Up.” Bucs GM to daughter of designer of Lombardi Trophy