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In The News for Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Posted Jun 05 2023 7:48PM

him in contempt if he refuses. McCarthy:
Wray Must Show Whole Committee Biden Document
. They know what is in the
document, and it is purportedly the real deal in terms of corruption evidence. From
Comer’s comments:
The FBI confirmed the unclassified record alleging then-VP
Biden engaged in a $5 million bribery scheme is from a highly credible
informant & being used in an ongoing investigation.
Highly credible
kind of jumps out at you, doesn’t it? Only... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, June 5, 2023
Posted Jun 04 2023 8:13PM

short piece from Victor Davis Hanson.
Is The Sleeping Conservative Dragon
Finally Waking Up?
certainly hope so. This might be an indication that more and more sane people
are getting totally fed up with having this ridiculousness crammed down our
throats. Boycotts
Hit Stocks Hard
. Get woke, go broke.

Wray blinks, agrees to show “Biden Bribery” memo
to top House members. I’d call that a big “W” for Comer. Wray still isn’t off
the hook. Sen. Grassley has seen the... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Posted May 30 2023 9:32PM

William J. O’Neil - 1033-2033
. Founder of Wm. O’Neil+Co. and Investors
Business Daily. One of the real giants of investing. Have been a client of his
firm since 1980.

things that are still here in 2023: East
Coast Beaches and Climate Hysteria hoax
. The NY Times reported back in 1995
that the East Coast beaches would be gone in 25 years. Funny how they’re still
there along with the glaciers and Polar Bears. These people have a worse record
than even those who... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Posted May 29 2023 8:16PM

we didn’t publish yesterday, I’ll take this opportunity to thank our veterans
for their service as we honor those who, as Abraham Lincoln said in his letter
to Mrs. Bixby who lost five sons in the civil war, “…have laid so costly a
sacrifice on the altar of Freedom.”
If you’ve never seen the full
, it is a masterpiece of purest prose. I’m not sure it could be
improved with the addition or deletion of a single word.

Davis Hanson puts it... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, May 26, 2023
Posted May 25 2023 10:35PM

Americans: You Were Duped – Laura Hollis
. An excellent read that is right
on the money. My liberal friends and Democrats who have relied on the
mainstream media should have to read it.

FBI claims the House subpoena would result in way
too many documents alleging Biden corruption, so Rep. Comer narrowed it down.
LOL.... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, May 22, 2023
Posted May 21 2023 10:43AM

just shocked! Yea, really.
FBI improperly used warrantless
search powers more than 278,000 times in 2021, FISA court filing reveals
. To quote Sarah Hoyt: “Telling us
they fixed the problems is not enough. Unless there are trials and people going
to jail, they didn’t fix the problems.”

the House Judiciary subcommittee on Weaponization hearings yesterday with the
FBI whistleblowers. It should have been carried live on every network. If so,
we might have witnessed a mass uprising of outraged citizens.  

Read More]
In The News for Friday, May 19, 2023
Posted May 19 2023 9:22AM
No posts today. Occasionally you just have to take a break from the crazy stuff that dominates the news.
In The News for Thursday, May 18, 2023
Posted May 18 2023 8:16AM

the release of the Durham Report, the FBI took an unprecedented move to protect
the safety and security of millions on Americans.
The FBI added itself to the FBI

Will There Be Any Media
think we know the answer to that one. Crickets out of the Pulitzer Prize
committee for their 2018 award to the New York Times.   

·Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Posted May 17 2023 7:51AM

Durham Report Rips FBI. Just how bad was it and what new
was revealed in the Durham report. A lot of it was already in the public
domain, but a lot of it was new and very revealing of the despicable behavior
of the FBI who signed on with the Clinton campaign and did everything they
could to swing the election her way. It’s a statement of her unattractiveness
as a candidate that try as they did, they still couldn’t drag that crooked
harpy over the finish line. Unfortunately, while severe consequences are
clearly called for, nothing is likely to happen in that regard before the 2024
elections. The Republicans don’t have the votes yet to make the FBI pay the
penalty... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Posted May 16 2023 9:22AM

Durham Report was released yesterday and it
Rips The FBI, exposing FBI Partisanship. You can guess how clear the
conclusions were when you realize that CNN, yes CNN, said that it exonerated
Donald Trump. That has to hurt. It is clear that the FBI as it currently exists
cannot be allowed to continue and that a lot of folks need to answer in court
for what went on. I’d recommend the venue be changed to a good red state
jurisdiction for jury selection. The bottom line is that the FBI worked hand in
hand with the Clinton campaign and Obama was briefed on everything.

·Read More]

In The News for Monday, May 15, 2023
Posted May 14 2023 8:59PM

winner! The Week in Pictures:
Trump Returns Edition

A Compromised President. Something you should read. The
evidence seems overwhelming and eventually the mainstream media will be forced
to cover it.
“Chinese elite have paid some $31
million to Hunter and the Bidens.”

For those wondering why Read More]

In The News for Friday, May 12, 2023
Posted May 11 2023 6:04PM

outstanding piece by Victor Davis Hanson.
The Impending Thermidor Reaction in
Jacobin America

A Counterrevolution Is Coming

At peak woke, our reign of terror is beginning to lose momentum
because its continuation would erode all the work of 247 years of American
progress and sacrifice.

Read More]

In The News for Thursday, May 11, 2023
Posted May 10 2023 8:30PM

Comer press conference on C-Span. There is something very rotten in
Denmark. I can’t imagine that the ultimate result of this won’t be impeachment.
I’d also throw in the malfeasance at the border for good measure. Eight or nine
Biden family members received payments from foreign entities and beneficiaries
of American aid. Biden’s granddaughter was one of the recipients. The money was
funneled through over 20 companies they set up and
more than $10 million was involved. Most of this took place while Slow
Joe was Vice President. Say what? I can’t imagine that anyone can see this
evidence and have the slightest doubt that these people are totally crooked and
corrupt. There needs to be... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Posted May 10 2023 7:39AM

is supposed to be the day when Rep. Comer’s House Oversight Committee drops
their bombshell on the Biden crime family. Let’s hope it’s a MOAB and not a
Ladyfinger Firecracker. My sources, and they are pretty good,  indicate it could really be a bombshell if it
what they think it is. Meanwhile, a report has surfaced that the
DOJ ignored a bribery allegation against Biden in 2018. I’m just
Shocked, Shocked.
Inspector Renault must have been on the case. Rep.
Comer’s words: “Tomorrow [today] is going to be judgement day for the Biden

·Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Posted May 09 2023 7:58AM

Comer says
Wednesday will be “a very big day
for the American people.”
The committee is expected to drop something big tomorrow.
Comer’s message to DOJ, “Do not indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday…We know
exactly what this family was doing.”
He sounds pretty confident, doesn’t
he? Can’t wait.

A disaster in the offing for Dems? Donna Brazile lost sleep when this
poll came out. George Stephanopoulos called it “brutal.” An ABC/Washington
poll predicting a Trump landslide over Biden by... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, May 8, 2023
Posted May 07 2023 10:25PM

Week In Pictures.

ominous Twitter post from Kyle Bass.

Whitehouse is an unmitigated buffoon. He made the mistake of trying to
discredit economist and contributor to the Heritage Foundation, Diana Furchtgott-Roth.
Let’s say she was prepared and... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, May 5, 2023
Posted May 05 2023 7:12AM

meme of the month.

see what comes of this. Look for the FBI to drag their heels as much as
Another Biden Bribery Allegation from a whistleblower inside the FBI.

Kruiser’s Morning Briefing:
Save Democracy –... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, May 4, 2023
Posted May 04 2023 8:00AM

Quote from Michael Feroli at J.P. Morgan: Whenever the Fed hits the brakes,
someone goes through the windshield

if she wore makeup in keeping with
her ability

Today’s Peak Academic Asininity. Notice I said “Today’s”. If you are
a parent in... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Posted May 02 2023 8:45PM

The ‘Godfather of A.I.’ leaves Google after a decade to warn society of
technology he’s touted. In other words, he’s worried that
Skynet will become self-aware.

I’ve said on countless occasions, ridicule is one of the best responses to the
ridiculousness we are faced with daily. An Indiana Councilman, Ryan Webb, has
figured this out in one of the best trolls I’ve ever witnessed. He is a white
male, but he now identifies
as a woman of color
.... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Posted May 01 2023 2:52PM

spring is sprung, it is important to review Barbeque
so there are no misunderstandings.

expected, Powerline’s Week In Pictures is the
Tuckered Out Edition.

a perfect troll of the transgender wackos. This
guy has it figured out

Read More]

In The News for Friday, April 28, 2023
Posted Apr 28 2023 8:05AM

it to a foreign newspaper to do what the New York Times and Washington Post
weren’t interested in doing.
The Daily Mail tracked down Tucker
at his
Florida home. I’d say he seems to be in pretty good spirits, which must not sit
well with those who want him cancelled. Good luck with that. Kruiser’s Morning
Tucker Carlson’s Haters Are Going to
Be Disappointed
Here is the
clip and transcript of Tucker’s comments. Some of the
comments to his Twitter release were hilarious. “The video got more views
than FOX has since he left.”

Read More]

In The News for Thursday, April 27, 2023
Posted Apr 27 2023 7:47AM

pathological liar is someone who lies even when there is no rational reason for
it and even if the truth is OK. You be the judge.
Biden: “My grandpop…died in the same hospital I was born in two
weeks before I was born.” Actual facts: Biden’s “grandpop” died in Baltimore,
MD in Sept. 1941. Biden was born in Scranton, PA in Nov. 1942. Maybe he has
“grandpop” and “cornpop” mixed up.

A rhetorical
question –
Is Kamala Harris The ‘Dumbest... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Posted Apr 26 2023 8:09AM

Slow Joe throws his depends
hat in the ring- by video
. Check out the video at about the 2:15 mark. It portrays him as a man of
youthful vigor. That should give you an idea of how truthful the rest of the
video is. The GOP immediately released an AI generated ad forecasting
the disaster a second Biden term might entail.

A very nice reflection on Tucker
by John
Hinderaker of Powerline who met Tucker when Tucker was the... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Posted Apr 25 2023 8:10AM

you are dodging subpoenas, living at the White House is a good strategy.
Hiding Hunter? Miranda Devine, the New York Post
journalist who is the bane of the Biden family, has this column.
Hunter Biden may be living at the
White House to evade legal papers from his baby mama

 It is rare that I find a new source that
definitely makes the cut in the rotation of web sites that I frequently check.
This is definitely... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, April 24, 2023
Posted Apr 24 2023 8:07AM

good Week In Pictures.
The Unbearable Bud Lightness Of Being.

is absolutely hilarious as economist
Stephen Moore trolls these idiots and shows them to be total

Not A Good Week For The Bidens.

 Read More]

In The News for Friday, April 21, 2023
Posted Apr 21 2023 9:54AM

bought a few things over the years off of the crowd funding sites like
Indiegogo. This looks like an interesting product.
Cargenta OBD.

The Fifth Wave: The Golden Age of
. Some of
you are familiar with Substack. For those of you who aren’t, this is an excellent
article describing why it is becoming a bastion for honest journalism for those
fleeing the establishment media.

 Read More]

In The News for Thursday, April 20, 2023
Posted Apr 20 2023 8:13AM

of the Day: “Progressivism consists in presenting Communist arguments as
though they emanated spontaneously from independent speculation.”
– Raymond
Aron, French liberal writing in 1950.

know this is hard to believe, but it appears the Dirty 51 was organized by the
Biden campaign.
Who Organized The Dirty 51?

 Jordan said the specific ties to the Biden
campaign will be divulged in the... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Posted Apr 19 2023 8:13AM

The Biden Family Business. About as crooked as it gets. In a
sane world, an impeachment trial would already be going on. Never been anything
but a politician. A proven liar and plagiarist. Never accused of being the
sharpest knife in the drawer – “Slow Joe” is not a new appellation, and that
was before senescence set in. We are a laughingstock around the world.

Want To Avoid Woke Products? There’s
An App for That
. With
all the companies that have... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Posted Apr 18 2023 8:55AM

The unsolved mystery behind Augusta
National’s most beloved snack
. Ever heard of Graber olives? The size 16’s are sold out,
but you can buy the size 14’s
directly from Graber Olive House of Ontario, CA. Only $58.95 for a 4
Pack. I’m thinking these are some olives I need to try.   

This Bud’s Not For You. Senior management found out just
how much damage a woke  30-year old
female in their ad department can do if not... [Read More]

April 17, 2023
Posted Apr 17 2023 10:21AM
No Post Today
In The News For Friday, April 14, 2023
Posted Apr 14 2023 7:49AM

a shame! I feel some big ole crocodile tears coming on.
Bud Light’s Parent Company Loses
Over $6 Billion Over Dylan Mulvaney Backlash
. Report are that Bars have seen demand drop off a cliff. Word is that upper management was
blindsided. My guess is that there is
a young lady who probably has her resume out
right now. The
memes have been hilarious. This post pretty much expresses my
views of this whole mess. You can pretend to be a woman if you like,
I won’t be pretending I believe it.   

·Read More]

In The News for Thursday, April 13, 2023
Posted Apr 13 2023 8:06AM
No Post Today
In The News for Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Posted Apr 12 2023 8:10AM
No Post Today
In The News for Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Posted Apr 11 2023 8:07AM

someone said, how about making better beer that people want to drink. Alissa
Heinerscheid, Bud Light’s VP of Marketing
smears former customers as “fratty and out of touch.” Smart
marketing move. Makes New Coke look like brilliant marketing.

Michael Ramirez weighed in as only he can.  “A man who
identifies as a woman, promoting swill that identifies as beer, is igniting a
national debate... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, April 10, 2023
Posted Apr 10 2023 7:58AM

this is just an amazing coincidence and I’m sure there is no quid pro quo
3 Days After Hunter Biden Joined
Burisma Board, VP Biden Pushed For Fracking In Ukraine

 If this report is any indication,
Burisma’s appointment of Hunter Biden to its board paid immediate
dividends. And it is just one more story that flies in the face of
President Biden’s repeated denials of involvement in his son’s overseas
business dealings.

Major Banks hit with subpoenas
Read More]

In The News for Thursday, April 6, 2023
Posted Apr 06 2023 8:03AM

Biden had an interesting, and telling, comment about Donald Trump a few months
ago. I quote:
“We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power if
he does run, making sure he—under legitimate efforts of our Constitution—does
not become the next president again.”
Adam Mill writes in American Greatness, Seven Things You Don’t Know About the Stormy
Daniels Hush Money Case
Number 7 is worth a close look.

San Francisco, RIP? Looks that way.... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Posted Apr 05 2023 8:23AM

Judges James Ho and Elzabeth Branch are
extending their hiring boycott
, which already includes Yale Law, to Stanford Law School. Hopefully,
more will follow suit.
Stanford is a slow learner.

Talented Doctor Ripley (GPT). Interesting article about
ChatGPT and the serious risk it poses.   

A program that
not only... [Read More]

In The News for April 4, 2023
Posted Apr 03 2023 7:58PM

case you still aren’t convinced that Washington, D.C. is a cesspool full of vermin,
and the mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the government and Democratic
Party, watch

The story
quickly shifted from what Elon thought, which was that it was just very
progressive people being biased in their content moderation and their
censoring, to: There is a huge operation by U.S. government officials, U.S.
government contractors, and all of these super-sketchy NGOs, getting money from
who knows where, basically demanding that Twitter start censoring people.

·Read More]

In The News for Tuesday,
Posted Apr 03 2023 7:57PM
In The News for Monday, April 3, 2023
Posted Apr 03 2023 7:11AM

This is the statement put out by the D.C. Young
Republicans Club. I’d like to see something similar from the Republican
National Committee. Not to brag, well maybe a little, my son is a Vice-Chairman
on the Board of Directors.

seems to have a pretty good handle on what is going on.

·Read More]

In The News for Friday, March 31, 2023
Posted Mar 31 2023 7:47AM

When satire becomes reality. Nearly 100 Babylon Bee joke stories
have come true.

problem isn't that our satire is too close to reality," Seth Dillon told
Fox News. "It’s that reality is too close to satire, so our jokes keep
coming true."

a long list of disastrous administration appointees, Mayorka stands out as
truly incompetent... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, March 30, 2023
Posted Mar 30 2023 8:00AM

Thought For The Day: Charles Murray
On Identity Politics
Dean on and it’s gotten even worse. It needs to be ridiculed wherever it raises
its ugly head. Who in their wildest dreams would have expected it to take over
things as disparate as Medical and Law School admissions and Airline Pilot

American Left Has Grown More Violent While FBI Was
Hunting Soccer Moms

Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Posted Mar 29 2023 7:47AM

Walter Hudson Is The Man. We need a lot more politicians like
Worth a listen. Good stuff at the 10:00 mark. “insisting
that we all adopt what we know isn’t true is what this is all about….This bill
is premised on a rejection of reality.”

Salvadoran President, Nayib Bukele, is
encouraging families seeking a better
life to move to El Salvador
. “No shootings, No lootings. No fentanyl crisis. Lowest crime in the
Americas…and great coffee, great... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Posted Mar 28 2023 7:53AM

isn’t encouraging.
Our policy on Iran “fielding” nuclear
. We’re in
the best of hands.

Eva’s Greatest Hits. A great listen. Eva
Vlaardingerbroek counters leftist narratives for 6:42 minutes straight.  For something truly disgusting go to the 4:40

Bill Maher Defends MeritocracyRead More]

In The News for Monday, March 27, 2023
Posted Mar 27 2023 7:12AM

Someone decided to take Google’s new
AI, Bard, for a test drive
. Knowing “Google is run by and biased toward super-woke liberals” he
wondered “if their AI chatbot was as well,” so he asked it a simple question to
find out. The results are what you might have expected. He asked, “What are
some good things about Joe Biden’s presidency?” He then asked the exact same
question about Donald Trump. You might notice a slight difference in the
answers it gave.

This poor... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, March 24, 2023
Posted Mar 24 2023 7:58AM

Dumbing Down The Judiciary. The judiciary isn’t the place for
affirmative action hires. Even I know what the Brady Rule is and I’m not a
lawyer. We badly need to return to meritocracy.

show that Disney has lost viewers and visitors to their parks as a result of
their embracing a woke agenda. Apparently, it’s shareholders be damned as they
double down. I’m sure this will turn out well for them.
They are  hosting a major LGBTQ conference at their
Florida... [
Read More]

In The News for Thursday, March 23, 2023
Posted Mar 23 2023 7:43AM

is so true. I personally saw the round trip take place when I would drive
through Detroit on my way to Windsor, Ontario. The transformation was amazing
from seeing the despair of people sitting 
on their stoops drinking beer to having the Detroit Gran Prix to back to
despair. You get what you vote for.
Michigan Is Headed Back To Rust Belt Poverty.

there are still
some Stanford Law School students who
are there for an education
. The... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Posted Mar 22 2023 7:55AM

Boy, was this guy spot on or what? Tells D.C. Mayor and Dr. Fauci to
take a hike.

the Supreme Court
will reverse this woke ruling by the well-known, liberal judges on
the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Tony... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Posted Mar 21 2023 8:28AM

probably true. San Fran Fed didn’t know about SVB’s problems,
but likely knew ‘their carbon

A Failed Presidency In 20 Seconds.

Joe Biden has
been a corrupt politician for a long time, probably decades. In recent years
his corruption has come to light. The establishment press tried to deny it,
since the imperative to defeat... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, March 20, 2023
Posted Mar 19 2023 6:50PM

Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic
. Have I mentioned lately
that Climate Change is a massive hoax? Paul Erlich is, of course, the poster
boy for climate idiocy. Tucker Carlson
led off with
a similar ridicule
Beautiful job of ridiculing idiots.
Climate Change Whackos Are the Real Danger to the

   The real
threat to humanity is the stupidity of these people. Again, they’ve been wrong
about virtually everything. Their solutions to problems, real and imagined,
never fix anything. The only thing they’ve succeeded in is bleeding the
American taxpayer dry and frightening a... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, March 17, 2023
Posted Mar 17 2023 8:00AM

is apparent that ridiculing the wokerati is having an effect. They are now
ridiculous arguments to try and excise it from our

     President Joe Biden’s victory sent wokeism
into overdrive. Two years later, we are living in a country we barely
recognize. This toxic ideology, which began in American universities, has crept
its way into every U.S. institution. From media outlets to hospitals, advocates
want the public... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, March 16, 2023
Posted Mar 16 2023 8:11AM

Bring it on.

March Market Behavior.png

·      You
must be kidding!
Are There Any Limits To Biden’s
Shameless Demagoguery?

Bank Collapse for Dummies. Please watch.

Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Posted Mar 15 2023 8:21AM

to get too worried about the effectiveness of any organization that would hire
her as their senior counsel. Wonder if she has thought this through. How is she
going to keep her weight up?
Stacey Abrams named senior counsel of
group trying to eliminate gas stoves.

Treasury Dept. hands over Biden
family SAR’s
two months of stonewalling. According to House Oversight committee chairman
James Comer:
Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Posted Mar 13 2023 8:49PM

very interesting stuff on Silicon Valley Bank. A
Wake-Up For Woke Banks?
It looks like it was a train wreck just waiting to
happen. As Warren Buffet famously said, “Only when the tide goes out do you
discover who’s been swimming naked.” Or nekkid as Lewis Grizzard would say. As
he explained, “Naked means you don’t have any clothes on. Nekkid means you don’t
have any clothes on and you’re up to something.”

banking regulators and the San Francisco Fed may have been asleep... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, March 13, 2023
Posted Mar 12 2023 9:00PM

Week in Pictures:
Dem-Olition Derby Edition

former card-carrying liberal sees the light. Naomi Wolf:
“Dear Conservatives, I Apologize.” For her full remarks go to her
Substack site,
“Outspoken with Dr. Naomi Wolf.” It is worth reading in its

·Read More]

In The News for Friday, March 10, 2023
Posted Mar 10 2023 9:15AM

Powerline pointed out, yesterday was the
40th anniversary of
President Reagan’s Evil Empire speech
. I remember it well and the hysterical reaction of the New
York Times
and their follow travelers. In it, Reagan had a quote from C.S.
Lewis that has proved chillingly accurate.

It was C.S.
Lewis who, in his unforgettable “Screwtape Letters,” wrote: “The greatest evil
is not done now…in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that Dickens loved to paint. It
is…not even done in concentration camps and labor camps. In those we see its
final result, but it is conceived and ordered; moved, seconded, carried and
minuted in clear, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, March 9, 2023
Posted Mar 09 2023 7:24AM

This is overdue. Maybe it will take Lindsey’s focus
off Ukraine and put it where it belongs. We should use every tool at our
disposal in dealing lethally with these narco terrorists. Seals, Rangers, Delta
Force, Drones, etc. Nothing should be off the table and the Mexican government
should be on notice that we will not notify them in advance of any actions
being taken. Meanwhile, the Biden administration says that the murders of U.S.
citizens is
“not acceptable.” Are you ****ing kidding me?

Who’s Deceptive? The hysterical reaction of Chuck
Schumer, other politicians and the mainstream media to Tucker... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Posted Mar 08 2023 7:07AM

of the day: What do you do with leftover Bacon? I haven’t heard of that kind.
Is it new?

you watched
Tucker Carlson’s expose of the Jan. 6 film footage, it
confirmed what anyone with a brain already knew. The unfettered perfidy and
maliciousness of the Jan. 6 Committee is despicable beyond my ability to
condemn it. The members of the Committee need to be jailed and ruined
financially. The Justice Dept. withheld crucial evidence in their prosecution
of those involved and any attorney involved who did so should be disbarred. We
need an honest judge to vacate 100% of the convictions and a... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, March 6, 2023
Posted Mar 05 2023 7:06PM

The Week in Pictures: Lightfoot Meets Bigfoot edition.

What Price Biden? “Beyond sickening.”

Keep Pushing The Limits: ‘So, What Are You Going To Do About It?’

How did the left manage to
bring about such radical change in the U.S. so quickly? It’s simple. We... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, March 3, 2023
Posted Mar 03 2023 8:20AM

Hinderaker makes a comment that is absolutely inarguable about Education.

The question of
what to do about our dismal education system is a large one, but any possible
solution begins with the acknowledgement that our public schools are, now,
unacceptably bad, despite the astonishingly large amounts of money we spend on
America’s Public Schools Are
A Disaster
. A
good beginning to solving the problem would be... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, March 2, 2023
Posted Mar 02 2023 7:52AM

Mayor Lori Lightfoot
says she was treated unfairly because of her race, gender. I’d
argue she was given far too much rope with which to hang herself. Total
incompetence. You get what you vote for and are willing to put up with. As
Stephen Green put it,
Dear Lori Lightfoot: You Were a
Terrible Mayor, Get Over Yourself

Democrats crossed the aisle to
vote with Republicans in reining in
Biden’s executive orders

·Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Posted Feb 28 2023 8:33PM

a big fan of Italy’s new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. It looks like Spain
may have a similar one in the wings.
Madrid’s President, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, is “waging war on woke and
seeking to turn Madrid into the ‘Florida of Europe’ in a campaign that could
lead to her becoming Spain’s first female prime minister.”

Since then she
has cut taxes and red tape in a suite of open market policies that has been
rewarded with growth two points above the national average. She cut income tax
in the region by 20 per cent and introduced deductions to reward businesses
hiring new workers. Madrid has overtaken... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Posted Feb 28 2023 8:01AM

Davis, who should be in jail,
finds out she may not be eligible for

gotten to be a big fan of Professor Jonathan Turley of Geo. Washington Univ. who
does a great job of putting complicated legal issues in common sense form. His
column in the New York Post is outstanding.
COVID lab leak is a scandal of media
and government censorship
. Powerline calls it A Confederacy of Louts.

The... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, February 27, 2023
Posted Feb 26 2023 6:09PM

Palestine was an awful calamity, but a
Larger, More Catastrophic Train Wreck
Reported At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In Washington, D.C.

"We can't
even accurately estimate the risks posed by this catastrophe," said
Professor Blake Rumsey of the Center for Ecological Research & Education.
"It's possible that this wreck could, in fact, destroy the entire world.
It has already done horrific damage around the globe in a variety of

Financial advice from an older gentleman.

Read More]

In The News for Friday, February 24, 2023
Posted Feb 24 2023 7:23AM
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In The News for Thursday, February 23, 2023
Posted Feb 23 2023 8:01AM

you are a congenital liar, you can’t just turn it on and off. Slow Joe,
speaking overseas,
claimed that Ukraine flags are flying
in front of homes

all across America? Anyone seen a single one? I haven’t either. And, I’m sure
you are as thrilled as I am that our tax dollars will be going to
pay the pensions for Ukrainians.  

Feel Good Headline Of The Day.

   At Twitter, the diversity,... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Posted Feb 22 2023 7:52AM

A clip from Australia’s Sky News. Always good stuff.

Racism in reporting: when they don’t
tell you the race…
pretty obvious to anyone paying attention.

The NY Times Already Busy
Repackaging Biden as Working Class and Thoughtful for 2024
. It is pathetic, but they think
we’re stupid. Sadly, a lot of voters are.

    Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Posted Feb 21 2023 6:54AM

back after a two-day mental health pause. The constant assault on our common
sense and our constitutional rights by the uber left wokerati is unceasing. If
you are a member of the ‘silent majority’, I would suggest you cease being
silent. That time has passed. Everyone with a computer or a telephone should be
daily letting their elected representatives know that they are fed up with
where we are and the direction things are going in. I’m not sure we can survive
two more years of this senescent dolt’s presidency.

case you missed it,
here’s the latest assault on common
sense and straight, white... [
Read More]

In The News for Friday, February 17, 2023
Posted Feb 17 2023 8:10AM
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In The News for Thursday, February 16, 2023
Posted Feb 16 2023 8:01AM
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In The News for Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Posted Feb 15 2023 7:32AM

Clapper’s Claptrap. Miranda Devine nails him.

Still lying. “There was message distortion,” James
Clapper says of the election-rigging letter he signed claiming Hunter Biden’s
laptop was Russian disinfo. “Politico deliberately distorted what we said.” He
didn’t say a word for 2 years. Now he’s scared

— Miranda Devine
February 13, 2023

·Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Posted Feb 13 2023 7:32PM

personally thought that Chris
Stapleton absolutely nailed the National Anthem
at the Super Bowl. I
thought it was moving.

may be hope for some university administrations. Temple University in
Pennsylvania seems to be on the right track. Graduate
students on strike get a lesson in FAAFO
(look it up). This is such a “feel
good” story. Graduate student workers who have been striking have been notified
that their tuition remission has been removed for the spring semester and the
balance is now owed in full or they will not be allowed to register.

·Read More]

In The News for Monday, February 13, 2023
Posted Feb 13 2023 7:12AM

Disney, RIP. Disney has lost its way. The stock is now on my permanent
restricted list.
It’s A Long Way From Davy Crockett. Davy Crockett’s most famous quote
is his parting message to his home state of Tennessee after losing his
reelection bid to Congress. “You all can go to hell. As for me, I’m going to
Texas.” That’s essentially my message to Disney. In case you think I’m being
watch this and then tell me what you think.


Levered Beta Boy.pngRead More]

In The News for Friday, February 10, 2023
Posted Feb 10 2023 7:37AM

 When Race Trumps Merit. Heather MacDonald has a new book
coming out.
When Race Trumps Merit: How the
Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives
. Her points are all perfect common
sense and grounded in fact, but you can be sure the race hustlers will howl at
the moon and try to have her cancelled. The term “disparate impact” is what the
race baiters are trotting out. Systemic Racism is used to explain anything,
regardless of how ridiculous. I’m sick to death of it and will not play that
stupid game.

Agreed. More
Majorie Taylor Greene and less Mitt... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, February 9, 2023
Posted Feb 09 2023 7:54AM

A strong argument for having to score a minimum on an
IQ test to run for Congress.

Johnson’s take on SOTU. Worth a read. Funny, but a sad commentary.

Biden may be
giving China a pass, but he is conducting a war on noncompete agreements. No
more will the McDonald’s cashier be wedded to McDonald’s! This is a story that
Biden has been retailing for at least three years. During the 2020 presidential
campaign he was called out on... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Posted Feb 07 2023 7:40PM

should have known better than to play this. Borderline alcohol poisoning.

Biden State of the Union Drinking Game:

Take a Drink When Joe Says any of the following:

vRead More]

In The News for Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Posted Feb 07 2023 8:10AM
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In The News for Monday, February 6, 2023
Posted Feb 06 2023 9:39AM

want to take a shower after reading this. Hunter Biden:
More Depraved Than You Knew.

Hunter had one
thing, and one thing only, to sell: influence with Joe. And “the Big Guy”
obviously not just knew about Hunter’s hoovering up illicit cash, he profited
from it. Which was, I take it, the whole point.

by David Horowitz on Powerline.
Fascism And Betrayal. Well worth reading.

Read More]

In the News for Friday, February 3, 2023
Posted Feb 03 2023 8:11AM

goes on the offensive. Good luck with that.
Battle Of The Bulge, Biden Style.

Hinderaker takes
an interesting look at ChatGPT.

Senator J.D. Vance writing in the
Wall Street Journal:

[F]rom grand-strategy
seminars to the State Department, our entire notion of statesmanship is broken.
For... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, February 2, 2023
Posted Feb 01 2023 8:12PM

You Can’t Fool All The People… An encouraging poll that shows more
and more of our fellow citizens realize that government is the problem, not the

That is the
scorecard, and the bottom line is: we need a new administration and a radically
different Congress in Washington, and new leadership in many of our states.
That is the bad news. The good news is that a lot of people have figured it

pure insanity of the greenies is... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Posted Feb 01 2023 7:27AM

may remember the story of Jaime Escalante, the Bolivian-born high school math
teacher whose story was made into the film Stand and Deliver. It is a
compelling story and
contrasts starkly with what is going
on now

hard left has turned on Bill Clinton. Two leftist Princeton professors, but I
repeat myself, have written a book,
A Fabulous Failure.

Nothing so
clearly ratifies the Democratic Party’s sharp lurch to the left in recent years
than this kind... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Posted Jan 31 2023 8:12AM

wouldn’t call this a very surprising revelation.
Liberals are miserable.

just keeps getting smellier and smellier.
Hunter Biden offered to sell Alcoa
classified information
on Russian oligarchs.  

idea I wholeheartedly embrace.
To Save America, Abolish the Civil

Created by
Congress, often at the urging... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, January 30, 2023
Posted Jan 30 2023 7:05AM

Week in Pictures.

should bring the Russians to the table post haste.

Abrams Tanks.jpg

20 ushered in a new Lunar New Year, the
Year of the Rabbit. The Rabbit is a symbol of
longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. According to Chinese
tradition this year is likely to be calm and gentle,... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, January 27, 2023
Posted Jan 27 2023 7:54AM

bad is it. Have we lost our minds?
Camp Of The Ain’ts. Miranda Devine of the New York Post
is one of the few journalists who have been accurate and honest about
everything from the Hunter Laptop story (which she broke) to the
current illegal immigrant invasion We need to begin forcible
repatriation and we can’t start it fast enough.

In the
controversial dystopian novel Camp of the Saints Jean Raspail imagined the
French president suffering a failure of nerve to defend the country against a
massive wave of illegal immigration. Raspail did not foresee a president who
would deny,... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, January 26, 2023
Posted Jan 26 2023 8:00AM

Kevin McCarthy Explains. It should be pretty clear to anyone
who has followed the news for the last six years. McCarthy’s
response to reporters is great. He made it clear that he
will appoint Schiff and Swalwell to other committees. May I suggest the Capitol
Custodial Services Committee. If there isn’t one, there should be for people
like Schiff and Swalwell. Someone needs to call the police. McCarthy murdered
the reporter.

the U.S. Army isn’t the only armed service suffering from wokeness. The King’s
Royal Horse Artillery has a
CO that has trouble mounting her

Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Posted Jan 25 2023 7:27AM

Don’t Fear The Shutdown.

 As President Joe Biden prepares to face
off with House Republicans over the U.S. government’s debt ceiling, a majority
of voters would rather have a government shutdown than to have Congress sign
off on more spending.

Voters: Go ahead, shut down
the government
. Voters... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Posted Jan 24 2023 7:52AM

four-minute supercut of the mental case the Democrats have foisted on the U.S.
Meet President George Santos.

A Dobbs Leak Footnote. At this point I’m highly suspicious
that the leak was one of the liberal Justices.

Getting “There” Yet? Looks like we may be. DOJ seizes more classified documents. Oh no. Now this. It’s Over, Joe: New York Times Throws
Joe Biden Under... [
Read More]

In The News for Monday, January 23, 2023
Posted Jan 22 2023 8:04PM

Kiss My Straight, White,
Hockey-Loving A**! The LGBT Schizoids Need to Sit This One Out
. Hear, Hear. They also need to be
ridiculed non-stop.

Liberal Media Bias Is Alive and More Embarrassing Than
. Not to them, though. They are
incapable of being embarrassed.

media hacks love writing about Biden doing everyday things. Of course, it’s all
part of the “Let’s pretend his brain hasn’t left the building” ruse.

Read More]

In The News for Friday, January 20, 2023
Posted Jan 20 2023 8:12AM

case you have come to the realization that the real Fascists are on the left,
you’ll find
this review of New Deal writings illuminating.

“Anyone who
wants to look at the writings of the Brain Trust of the New Deal will find that
President Roosevelt’s advisers admired the fascist system. . .  They
thought that private ownership with government management and control a la the
Italian system was the way to go, and that has been evident in all their writings.” 

·Read More]

In The News for Thursday, January 19, 2023
Posted Jan 19 2023 8:22AM

Konstantin Kisin: A Star Is Born. Nine minutes well spent.

Why Deception Is Essential To The

ridicule is what this woman should be met with.
New Frontiers In Menstruation.  

Feist explains
(video below): “[N]ot all students who menstruate are female. We need to make
sure all... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Posted Jan 18 2023 6:52AM

think we are at the point where the Democrats and their media enablers are
coming to the inescapable conclusion that
they may be past the point where they
can cover Biden’s corruption
. Ian Sams is the White House spokesman for oversight and
He is almost spazzing in place right
which would seem
to indicate the Republicans are circling the target.

New Church Committee Has A Chance To
Show How Bad The Federal Gov’t Has Gone Off The Rails

Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Posted Jan 16 2023 12:08PM

For The Hell Of It
. If you’ve ever known a truly Pathological Liar, this is
the definition. It’s pretty clear that Joe Biden fits the parameters of this
diagnosis. He has a forty-year history of telling bald-faced lies, which the
media has been willing to ignore for the most part. His
speech Sunday at Ebenezer Baptist Church
in Atlanta was a tour de force of him
at his prevaricating best.

Biden’s speech puts me in mind of the title of
Abbie Hoffman’s 
Read More]

In The News for Saturday, January 14, 2023
Posted Jan 14 2023 9:08AM

Week In Pictures: Corvette Summer Edition
. Some WIP’s are better than
others. This one is good.

Anybody Vette This Guy? They have now found classified documents in
three different locations. I had a Top Secret clearance when I was involved in
Military Intelligence. I don’t remember the
“Corvette” standard of safeguarding classified documents.

the media is all over the story.

   President Biden doesn’t know anything about
either the... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, January 13, 2023
Posted Jan 13 2023 6:57AM

news for Tennesseans. In-N-Out, headquartered in California has announced
they are opening a Tennessee HQ and will be expanding east of the
Mississippi River. That means two iconic brands will be headquartered in
Tennessee, Krystal and In-N-Out. Fine dining at its best.

Isn’t that
interesting. Classified documents
found at second Biden location. What used to be no big deal has been elevated by the
Democrats treatment of President Trump and now it is an “exploding cigar” for
Powerline has comments. Poor Karine Jean-Pierre is, as usual, totally lost
in trying to respond to Peter Doocy.... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, January 12, 2023
Posted Jan 11 2023 9:08PM

you read only one post in today’s blog, it should be this one. Victor
Davis Hanson: The coup we never knew
. I fervently hope there is a
reckoning of biblical proportion coming.

When did we
assume the FBI had the right to subvert the campaign of a candidate it
disliked? Was it legal suddenly for one presidential candidate to hire a
foreign ex-spy to subvert the campaign of her rival?

will remember Biden’s
to the fact that President Trump had classified documents at... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, January 11, 2023
Posted Jan 11 2023 8:07AM

thought walls didn’t work. Apparently, they work for me and not for thee.
Joe Biden building a wall at his Delaware Beach House.

you saw the before and after picturs you must have been amazed.
El Paso goes Potemkin. What a farce!

An interesting article in the WSJ about the differences between the
football programs at Georgia and Texas Christian. The question posed in the
Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Posted Jan 10 2023 7:59AM
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In The News for Monday, January 9, 2023
Posted Jan 08 2023 9:45PM

case you are wondering what the Group of 20 accomplished last week by holding
out against McCarthy’s coronation,
here is a list. Good work.

dose of total nonsense from our senescent Dummy-In-Chief.
Biden’s comments and “plan” for handling the total FUBAR at our
Southern border. In preparation for the President’s visit, El Paso is
trying to clean up the illegal
immigrant encampments

the anniversary of Jan. 6th, the lies... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, December 6, 2023
Posted Jan 06 2023 8:03AM

If you have been
following the fight in the House over naming a new Speaker, and you are getting
your news from the mainstream media, you may not be getting the whole picture.
What they are leaving out in portraying the 20 anti-McCarthy Congressmen as a
small faction gumming up the works is that polls indicate the
majority of Republican voters agree with them.

voters are furious about the failure of their party to deliver results in 2022
— especially given the disastrous mismanagement of the country by the Biden
Administration and their allies in Congress. Voters believe the only way to
hold... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, December 5, 2023
Posted Jan 05 2023 7:20AM

Happy New Year. 10 Scandals To
Keep Your Eye On In 2023

Well, two years into the debacle he has
Joe Biden says
it’s his ‘intention’ to visit US-Mexico border
Want to be it will be a visit with tightly scripted optics? Local demonstrators
ought to wear him out, but the media probably won’t cover that.

Read More]
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