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In The News-Weekend Edition-Sat. Feb. 6, 2021
Posted Feb 06 2021 7:58AM

·       I’ve said this all along as you know if you are a regular reader. A new paper from the Bureau of Economic Research found that “enforcement of mandatory restrictions appears to have driven the collapse of sales in California.”

·       It’s hard to argue with the clear evidence. Democratic governors have devastated their states. You get what you vote for good and hard. Of course, they now want us to pay for their criminally negligent management.

·       Liz Cheney adopts Democratic talking point. Liz is toast in Wyoming and won’t survive the next primary. I have emailed my Representative and asked how he voted in the secret vote that retained her in a position of leadership. How he responds will determine whether I vote for him again.

·       The House has set a precedent that may come back to haunt them if the Republicans ride the 2022 election into a House majority. They voted to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of any committee assignments. Of course they didn’t address the lying conspiracy theorist Rep. Schiff or the thoroughly compromised Eric Swalwell. Not to mention Ilhan Omar or Auntie Maxine. Tom Cotton nailed it. 11 RINOs voted with the Democrats. Their names will be added to the list who voted to impeach and will be primaried. As you might expect, there is some overlap. By the standards used for Rep. Greene, here are 9+ Democrats who should be stripped of any committee responsibilities.

·       I would think that being an international laughing stock would get a bit tiresome, but it doesn’t seem to bother AOC. She just keeps re-loading. The Babylon Bee put it in perspective. AOC Gets Head Stuck In Bucket, Journalists Rush To Explain Why It Was A Genius Move. LOL. And from Mr. Kruiser: Reality Check – AOC is still the biggest lunatic in Congress. And it’s not like she doesn’t have any competition. “She is so “bats**t crazy she probably spends her nights hanging upside down in a cave picking insect guts out of her teeth.”

·       Something tells me this might come back to haunt some Democrats in the 2022 elections. I know I’d sure use this if I were running against any of them. Every Democrat voted “No” to a proposal by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to open committee meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance. Several mocked him for suggesting it.

·       I can assure you I will never deal with Bank of America. If you do, you should reconsider your banking relationship. The intrusion of federal law enforcement into our lives is fast approaching that of the East German Stasi.

·       Climate change follies. Biden’s policies will fall on the economy “like a cudgel.” And this from Mark Perry. This sure doesn’t fit the Climatista narrative, does it?

·       We were told that the election of President Biden would save democracy and pull us out of the dark place they believed were in. Funny that the most recent Gallup poll shows the lowest satisfaction ever recorded.

·       GOP picks up another House seat. Nancy now has a razor thin majority, and the Republicans are just 5 seats short of taking the House back.

·       I think it is safe to say that Slow Joe has always had a tenuous relationship with the truth. From claiming a drunk driver killed his first wife, to lying about his law school rank, to claiming to have been arrested with Nelson Mandela, and many more. Just Thursday he claimed to have been shot at. He’s going for the Brian Williams award for being in harms way. His family has wasted not time in cashing in on his presidency