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In The News for Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Posted Aug 12 2020 7:54AM

·        In case you’re under the misapprehension that Black Lives Matter is any kind of a benign group, you are sadly mistaken. I recommend you read this. Anyone in the press that is carrying water for them has no credibility whatsoever. Any corporation that donates to them should be sued by shareholders and the management shown the door.

·        The Seattle City Council has voted and the only adult in the room had resigned. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has resigned after 28 years on the force. Seattle citizens are already patrolling their own neighborhoods. They are on the verge of needing Paul Kersey’s help.

·        Susan Rice addresses her Behghazi Disinformation Tour head on. Pathetic.

·        Just keep letting them out of jail. How’s that working for you?

·        An interesting interview with Peter Kirsanow, member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. He believes the Democrats have made terrible error in judgement that will redound to their detriment. It should.

·        Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media, the truth about Biden is getting out. A new Rasmussen poll found that 49% of Democrats don’t think Joe will serve out a full four-year term. 59% of people overall felt that way, and those numbers will rise as we get closer to the election.

·        This is a must read and simply incredible. A group called “We Have Her Back” has issued a proclamation on how the media must cover whichever candidate from a singularly undistinguished lot Joe chooses to be his VP candidate. Foe example, these must be avoided at all costs:

1.      What, specifically, is off the table? Would it be out-of-bounds to point out that Kamala Harris’ rise in politics began with jobs she got with the help of a powerful, married male politician with whom she was having an affair?

2.      Would it be out-of-bounds to note that Rep. Karen Bass was a fan of Communist dictator Fidel Castro and delivered a eulogy for Communist Party president Oneil Marion Cannon, whom she described a “mentor”?

3.      Would it be okay to observe that Keisha Lance Bottoms’ experience in public life consists only of eight years on the Atlanta city council and less than three years as Atlanta’s mayor?

4.      How about pointing to Susan Rice’s history of poor foreign policy judgments and her willingness to lie on behalf of her powerful patrons?

·        Well, now we know. It’s Kamala Harris who the New York Times quickly labeled “a pragmatic moderate.” Say what? Do they think we’re totally stupid? Of course they do. Here is a comment on her “pragmatic moderation.”

·        As Howie Carr noted, Harris got her start working under Willie Brown. Here is some more background on her time as a Attorney General of California.

·        Joe calls Kamala to tell her she is his pick for VP. Holds phone upside down. LOL

·        Don’t do anything to call the “peaceful protest” narrative into question. It could cost you your job. NPR weatherman Cliff Mass was fired for comparing the destruction in Seattle to Kristallnacht.

·        How utterly ridiculous can you get? New York has a bill moving through the State Assembly and Senate to require “shampoo assistants” to complete a minimum of 500 hours of training. Important legislative work is obviously being done in Albany.

·        Now camping is racist. Please, enough!

·        Good for Teespring. I’ve used them in the past. They have banned all Antifa designs.

·        Back to the future in policing? Civilian militias in American cities. “Anyone with a brain and a bit of historical knowledge could have seen this coming, which is no doubt why it eluded so much of our political class.” Article in USA Today by Glenn Reynolds. Eventually it will bring the wannabe Paul Kersey’s out of the woodwork.

·        The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard en banc yesterday the arguments in the Flynn case. Here is a rundown. They will likely rule quickly.