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In The News for Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Posted May 31 2022 7:09AM

·        Early signs are that the Top Gun sequel, Maverick, will break opening weekend box office records. The Left hated the original, so this won’t sit well. Didn’t have to wait long. LOL.

·        In an interesting backstory, Tencent Holdings was originally one of the backers of the movie, but pulled out when it became apparent that the Chicoms wouldn’t be thrilled to be backing a movie that was so pro-American. As a sop to Tencent, the producers had removed Japanese and Taiwanese flags from Tom Cruise’s leather jacket. After Tencent pulled out, they were added back. When the movie was shown in Taiwan, it was immediately noticed and crowds erupted in cheers.

·        Worried about recession? Well, noted ecdysiast economist Botticelli Bimbo says we are in one as strip clubs are empty. Always looking for new economic indicators.

·        Unfortunately, I fear they are right. Prices for protein are being driven up by high feed costs for one. USDA raised food price forecast to highest level in 42 years. Let’s go, Brandon.

·        A congenital liar is someone who just can’t help themselves. Joe is a classic example. He claims he was appointed to the Naval Academy in 1965. Only problem is that he graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965. Add to that his bogus claim that protesters killed cops on Jan. 6th. There is a reason the polls show 70% of Republicans want this lying trainwreck of a president impeached. His willful failures on illegal immigration should be reason enough.  

·        Can’t wait to read the deposition after Adam Schiff is deposed in this lawsuit. He is a liar of the first magnitude and should have to pay a price for it.

·        Snake Plissken is smiling. The escape from New York is accelerating.

·        I don’t think Big Bob Gibson or the folks at the Rendezvous, Corky’s or Dreamland have anything to worry about. You can make a vegan pulled pork BBQ out of banana skins. There is probably a special place in hell, right next to the inventor of Turkey Bacon, for whoever came up with this.

·        For fans of Powerline, Scott Johnson looks back over 20 years of posts. Long, but very good piece. 20 Years, 20 Thoughts.

·        I’d like to see this gather some momentum. So far there are 19 of the required 34 states who are joining the movement to rein in the federal government.  

·        All it takes is a good Republican governor to inject some common sense. Massachusetts GOP Governor Charlie Baker vetoes Bill requiring state to provide illegals with driver’s licenses.

·        Thank you, Joe. Ground beef and chicken prices reach all-time highs just before Memorial Day. Not to mention the gasoline it takes to drive to the store. $4.61/gallon is the current average. Unfortunately, my car requires Premium, which is averaging $5.274/gallon. I’m thinking about getting a Vespa.

·        Democrats give us cool nicknames like ‘Deplorable’ and ‘Ultra MAGA’ so we owe them a few.  

·        A very interesting excerpt from Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West. Today in History: A Christian ‘Mustard Seed’ Liberates Spain from Islam.