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In The News for Monday, May 9, 2022
Posted May 09 2022 6:38AM

·        How interesting. Job interest in Twitter skyrocketed more than 250% since Elon Musk moved to take over. But current employees are nervous. As well they should be considering how easily replaceable they are.

·        A federal judge in Florida issues epic beatdown of Biden Admin in suit over illegal aliens.

Suffice it to say the court is wholly unpersuaded by defendants’ position that they have unfettered discretion to determine how (or if) to comply with the immigration statutes and that there is nothing that Florida or this court can do about their policies even if they contravene the immigration statutes. This position is as remarkable as it is wrong because it is well established that no one, not even the president, is above the law and the court unquestionably has the authority to say what the law is and to invalidate action of the executive branch that contravenes the law and/or the Constitution. Thus, if Florida’s allegations that defendants are essentially flaunting the immigration laws are proven to be true, the court most certainly can (and will) do something about it.

DeSantis has promised to fly any illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. who are shipped into Florida in the middle of the night and has announced the end of licenses for any daycare facility providing services to illegal aliens transported to Florida from outside the state. Every governor should follow his lead.

·        I’m not the biggest Peggy Noonan fan in the world, but I think she got this one right. The End of Roe v. Wade Will Be Good for America.

I respect and agree with the Alito draft, didn’t think Roe was correct or even logical, and came to see the decision as largely a product of human vanity. Of all the liberal jurists who have faulted it, the one who sticks in the mind was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who after questioning Roe’s reasoning said, in 1985, that it appeared “to have provoked, not resolved, conflict.” It did.