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In The News for Thursday, June 9, 2022
Posted Jun 09 2022 6:47AM

·        More On The Would-Be Assassin. Chuck Schumer, of course, had previously issued a fatwa. Haven’t heard anything from that lowlife. As for those that doxed the Supreme Court Justices, they are backpedaling as fast as their little legs will let them.

·        I’ve always thought that Janet Yellen was a lightweight, and an affirmative action hire at best, and her tenure as Secretary of Treasury has solidified that opinion. Janet, hope is not a strategy. Yellen About Stupidity. Has she been right about anything?

·        Feel Good Headline Of The Week. As Mr. Hayward says, “Gives you the kind of warm fuzzy feeling you usually rely on whisky to deliver.”

·        The year isn’t over, but so far this is the leading contender for Academic Absurdity of 2022. Natasha Quadlin of UCLA and Bradley Montgomerey of Ohio State have thoroughly beclowned themselves. Their paper: When a Name Gives You Pause: Racialized Names and Time to Adoption in a County Dog Shelter. Conclusion: people like ‘white’ sounding names. Apparently ‘Winthrop’ gets adopted faster than ‘Billy Ray Valentine’. These nitwits are actually on the payroll of major universities.

·        It ought to be fun to watch this primary as these two have to face each other due to redistricting. Maloney versus Nadler. What a choice!

·        Lowest ratings in 20 years for MSNBC. Ratings continue to sink on MSNBC and CNN. Beaten by Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Syfy, BET, etc.

·        Oh My! More to come from the ‘laptop from hell’. 168,000 deleted files recovered. Financial records from 2018 nd 2019.

·        Of course, they do. Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Progressive’s Gender Ideology Agenda. It’s a ridiculous agenda pushed by out of touch media cretins and uber liberal wokees.

·        10 Underreported Revelations From Trial of Former Clinton Lawyer. Interesting stuff.