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In The News for Thursday, June 16, 2022
Posted Jun 16 2022 7:11AM

·        I mentioned this special election yesterday. Here are some comments on Powerline indicating just how important this victory may be for Republicans. The county is 85% Hispanic and has been solidly Democrat for 100 years. The election wasn’t even close.

·        Was It Something We Taxed? Caterpillar follows Boeing in unassing the AO. (for those of you with no military experience, that means leaving the area of operation.)

·        Quote of the Day. Great DeSantis Quote responding to Elon Musk’s comment on voting Republican for the first time and indicating he was a DeSantis supporter. DeSantis: “I welcome support from African-Americans, what can I say.”

·        How Deep Is Biden’s Hole? Pretty Deep so far and we haven’t hit bottom, yet.

·        All you need to know. Gigavaxxed and boosted Dr. Fauci catches COVID.

·        Just more evidence of just how clueless this administration is. Biden to release another 45 million barrels of oil from Strategic Reserve in desperate attempt to lower prices. It will, of course, have no effect whatsoever. Idiots.

·        What is you had a fundraiser and no one came? DNC forced to reschedule one with Kamala Harris over lack of interest.