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In The News For Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Posted Aug 04 2021 7:59AM

·       Wow! Just Wow! Ben Dominich’s monologue on Awake not Awoke. An outstanding five minute clip from last night’s Fox News Primetime.

·       An antidote to stupidity. Some sanity on what is going on with COVID.

·       USA Women’s Soccer team loses to Canada in semifinals. This team, unfortunately due to its behavior, lost the support of a lot, if not most Americans. Meanwhile, the USA Men’s Team makes us proud. A little satire to trigger liberals.

This is one of the most obnoxious, arrogant, and whiny sports teams I’ve observed in more than sixty years of fandom. And, although there’s likely some diversity in the political views of team members, the face of the squad, Megan Rapinoe, is an abrasive far-leftist — and a world class narcissist.

·       Remember, masks don’t work[JW1] . It’s just political posturing and virtue signaling. Enough is enough[JW2] . Elite mask hypocrites think they’re entitled to flout rules they impose on YOU.

·       New word for male bonding. Homosociality. No, really.

·       Quite an achievement in only six months. Polls show Kamala is the most disliked VP in at least half a century.

·       Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) calls for impeaching Biden and DHS Chief over border crisis. He should be backed by every Republican. If violating your oath of office isn’t cause, what is?

·       Harry Reid in 1993 when Democrats occasionally showed signs of sanity. “No sane country” would permit birthright citizenship for children of illegals.

·       Forget about smuggling untaxed cigarettes. The path to riches in California may be black market Bacon.