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In The News for Friday
Posted May 16 2019 10:59PM

·        An interesting piece in PowerLine talking about the left and discussing some of Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises comments.

Our whole civilization rests of the fact that men have always succeeded in beating off the attack of the re-distributors. But the idea of re-distribution enjoys great popularity still, even in industrial countries. . . If we wish to save the world from barbarism, we have to conquer Socialism, but we cannot thrust it carelessly aside.

·        I need a big drink to go with my popcorn as the finger pointing and he said no he said continues as they try to throw each other under the bus. Washington Whodunit: Who Pushed the Dossier, Brennan or Comey? I suspect that ultimately there will be enough blame to share so that neither one feels slighted.

·        I’ve got a feeling that this is going to get a lot of attention. Trump ramps up war against ‘political bias’ with new social media reporting tool. Here is the link to report censorship or bias.

·        Can’t you just feel the excitement. Bill de Blasio announced he’s shoehorning himself into the Democratic Presidential Clown Car. Dozens thrilled.

·        This kind of thing should happen a lot more often. A young Univ. of North Carolina snowflake decided she could just steal a sign with impunity and was rudely awakened when she was arrested for larceny. Watch the clip when it dawns on her that she can’t steal signs with impunity. Poor thing.

·        Conrad Black on his pardoning by President Trump. An egregious wrong righted.

·        Well, there goes the usefulness of the SAT scores. Killing education inch by inch. SAT’s to add ‘adversity score’ to address ‘wealth disparity’ in results.