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In The News for Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Posted Dec 02 2020 7:32AM

·       Election Fraud Update for Dec. 1st.

·       This is interesting. A crowd funded site for anyone with evidence of election fraud.

·       I watched some of the Arizona hearing on Monday. Dr. Shiva’s data was devastating to the Biden victory narrative.

·       This guy is amazing. Here is what he uncovered by listening in on CNN’s calls.

·       Atty. Gen. Barr appoints John Durham a Special Counsel to assure that his work can continue regardless of the outcome of the election. He indicated that he had expected the investigation to be completed last summer but that had proved impossible due to COVID-19 as well as additional information uncovered.

·       This seems like an egregious overreach by the NASDAQ as they try to demonstrate how woke they are. The new rules would require companies on the stock exchange to have at least one woman director and one who self-describes as an “underrepresented minority” or member of the LGBTQ community – or face possible delisting. This may well be a violation of federal law. Thankfully, we now have a Supreme Court that will hopefully stand up to this kind of nonsense.