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In The News for Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Posted May 04 2021 7:59AM

·       Some good comments from a variety of strategists on the “Sell in May and Go Away” phenomenon. This might be a good year to be a little contrarian.

·       Are Republican ‘’leaders” taking notes?

·       How Woke can you be? Minneapolis Target Store burned by BLM rioters now displays mural celebrating arson. Target is now on my personal restricted list. Woke companies will not leard that it is no good for their business until normal people stop buying their stuff, and not one minute before[JW1] .

·       I don’t think this was the answer she expected. LOL

·       No, Joe, it isn’t our “patriotic duty” to wear masks. Who Gets To Define What’s Patriotic?

·       Maricopa County election audit could take longer than expected. The state Democratic party tried to stop it and failed.

·       So, how’s that boycott Georgia movement going[JW2] ? Not so good it turns out.

·       Critical Race Theory may be becoming a potent election issue. Democrats should be made to defend it. The Left Will Never See It Coming[JW3] .

 To judge from their preferred media venues, the left is more inclined to discredit critics of an agenda centered around the tenets of anti-racism philosophy than they are to take stock of the resonance of those critiques. If election results in Southlake are any indication, this is a losing issue for the left. For the moment, Democrats seem constitutionally incapable of taking the hint.