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In The News for Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Posted Sep 14 2021 7:58AM

·       Tweet of the Week from Matt Gaetz.

·       And a few advance pics from the coming Week in Pictures.

·       Fallen Marine Rylee McCollum receives hero’s welcome in Jackson, WY. God bless his family and his unborn son.

·       Biden during 9/11 Ceremony[JW1] . The latest example. How long can this be tolerated? Once again, they cut his feed when it appeared he might take some questions. The control they are exercising over our cognitively challenged President is absolutely transparent, not just to us but to the rest of the world.

·       A new form of voter fraud in California? Republicans showing up in person to vote are being told they have already voted.

·       I’m sure this is going to work out well. No vetting of Afghan refugees[JW2] .

·       Former Washington state Democrat organizer federally convicted over terrorist attack on railroad. Could be sentenced to 20 years. Let’s see what she actually gets.

·       Good for them. The French aren’t having any of it. Take to streets 120,000 strong[JW3]  protesting against Vaccine Passports for ninth straight week.

·       Trump signs are popping up like mushrooms.

·       Can’t wait to hear it. Republican staff supposedly have a recording of Secretary of State Blinken disparaging some of the senior members of the Biden administration.

·       I’m sure this will help dispel any worries of those who are refusing to get vaccinated. OSHA to remove any recording of quackccine side effects.

·       Twitter shuts down entire network to slow spread of negative Biden news.

·       He just can’t help himself. He’s been telling lies like this for his whole career.