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In The News for Tuesday, March 16m 2021
Posted Mar 16 2021 7:49AM

·       The Pentagon versus Tucker Carlson. So far I’d judge it Tucker 1-Pentagon 0.

·       I’d say it’s fairly safe to say that this isn’t a big surprise to anyone with an IQ above room temperature. Biden plans to raise taxes.

·       Simply incredible. I love Elon’s new title. Technoking of Tesla. The CFO will now have the title of Master of Coin.

·       Is American Doomed? Part One and Part Two. Worth reading. It centers on education and the trends “progressives” are fostering need to be fought tooth and nail.

·       The TDS media caught red-handed. I’ll be surprised if the next step isn’t slander and libel lawsuits against the media who knowingly promulgated a false story. If I were the Georgia Secretary of State, I’d be lawyering up. She tried to destroy tape.

·       I’ll repeat it again. Never apologize to the scumbags.  

·       Seen of Facebook. It isn’t going away until it is thoroughly investigated, and I believe it ultimately will be. Something tells me the discovery phase of this lawsuit could get very interesting. Mike Lindell is teaming up with Alan Dershowitz in a countersuit against Dominion.

·       Legacy Media, otherwise known as Democrats with bylines, “surprisingly” silent as Biden DHS tear-gasses Antifa rioters in Portland.

·       For you Star Trek nerds out there, we just moved closer to the possibility of a Warp Drive becoming reality. One major problem still exists and that is the energy source. Currently it would require roughly the energy contained in the planet Jupiter.

·       Of course, the premise behind The Emperor Has No Clothes is that if you don’t acknowledge a fact, it doesn’t exist. This seems to be the administration’s strategy on dealing with the out of control crisis at our Southern border. Press Secretary Jen (Circle Back) Psaki continues to refuse acknowledging the obvious border crisis. Her reticence might be understandable as the Administration tries to figure out how to get around the fact that 73% of Americans know what is going on and aren’t happy about it. 51% of likely voters oppose amnesty. The Biden Administration seems to think that by not admitting we have a crisis, they can essentially tell the American people not to believe their lying eyes. Good luck with that.

·       I pity the people of New York if they fall for this. De Blasio refused to rule out running for governor in 2022. LOL. You get what you vote for and if this bottom feeder is elected governor, New York is in deep trouble and will get no sympathy from anyone with a brain. I personally think he is delusional if he believes he can get elected to anything at this point.