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In The News for Monday,December 13, 2020
Posted Jan 12 2020 8:48PM

·        Dow Industrials cross 29,000 for first time ever in morning trading on Friday before slipping into negative territory as the day wore on. It is, of course, obligatory to remind you of Paul Krugman’s comments on election night: “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.” I can’t revisit that inanity enough.

·        President Trump’s average unemployment rate is the lowest in recorded history.

·        A few stories from last week that the mainstream media chose to cover. New York’s motor voter law will automatically register anyone to vote when they get a driver’s license. How could this possibly go wrong just after they decided to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses? Here’s another summary of last week’s news that you might find interesting since it for the most part wasn’t covered by the MSM. And from Paul Bedard, the Weekly Trump Report Card: ‘Dizzying’ with winds on border wall and deregulation.

·        Chuck Todd schooled by Trump’s National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien. Of course, it’s not too hard to school Chuck.

·        Don’t recall seeing any coverage of this, either. “During the last week, earth-shattering events occurred that completely disrupted the Middle East …. In other news the Americans assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.” Is Israel on its way to being a natural gas superpower?

·        Is it possible that we are seeing some cracks in the concrete of Political Correctness? We can only hope. Goodness knows I’m trying to do my part.

·        For a very good synopsis of the RussiaGate conspiracy and the players involved, Victor Davis Hanson lays it out clearly. A very good read.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton presidential candidate hired an ex-intelligence officer and foreign national, British subject Christopher Steele, to use Russian sources to find dirt (“opposition research”) on her then political opponent Donald Trump. So much for the worry about “foreign interference” in U.S. elections.

The public would take years to learn of the funding sources of Steele, because Clinton camouflaged her role through three firewalls: the Democratic National Committee; the Perkins-Cole legal firm; and Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS opposition-research firm.

·        Democrats: Soleimani Was a Bad Guy, But… A compendium of some of the ridiculous comments from a pantheon of sorry characters. As Scott Johnson of Powerline says, God help us when they return to power with the deep thoughts behind their appeasement of the mullahs, the financing of their objectives, the restoration of the fake nuclear deal, and the abasement of our nation before them. Death to America, indeed.”

·        In case you missed Pete Buttigieg’s comment blaming President Trump for the shooting down of the Ukrainian airliner, it was contemptible. He has been touted as the “sane” one in the race. Really? Sanity seems to be in short supply in the Democratic presidential clown car.

·        In his first campaign rally of 2020 in Toledo, President Trump was in true form. His comments on Adam Schiff were pointed, referring to him as “you little pencil neck" and then added “He buys the smallest shirt collar you can get, and it’s loose!" Most of the Democratic candidates would kill for the crowd that was outside and couldn’t get in.

·        As part of settlement with Nick Sandemann, CNN hosts must wear MAGA hats during all broadcasts. ROTFLMAO!

·        More over the top ridiculousness from the media. How did some of these nitwits ever get a place on the podium? Katy Tur, yes, THE Katy Tur? Was indignant that President Trump was flanked by stern, WHITE, military men during his address to the nation. Where does MSNBC find these nitwits?

·        “Always good to get advice from the mastermind of the Watergate coverup,” as Britt Hume said. Nancy got her bright? Idea from John Dean.

·        Trump’s takedown of Soleimani has Iran off its evil game. “No one out-escalates Donald Trump.”  World War III didn’t happen, but something else did.

·        The DOJ, the Prosecutor and the FBI have not complied with the Flynn request for Brady material. I agree that it is a disgrace. President Trump should immediately pardon him and those involved in this travesty should be held accountable.

·        An excellent riposte to a silly comment by the disgraced Ben Rhodes.

·        Hungary leads the way in trying to restore curricular and administrative sanity to university education. They have abolished Gender Studies as an area of official study. “The Hungarian government is of the clear view that people are born either men or women.” What a novel idea.

·        On January 10, 1901 the Lucas gusher at the Spindletop Oil Field blew. It’s been all uphill for Texas since them. After getting it under control, it began producing 100,000 barrels a day, more that all the other oil wells in America combined.

·        The House of Representatives passed a toothless bill to limit any military action against Iran without congressional approval. To read the CNN headline, you’d think it was worth more than a bucket of warm spit. It isn’t. I have been a fan of Rep. Matt Gaetz, but I think he stepped in it on this one.

·        Hunter Biden is a piker compared to Chelsea Clinton. $50,000 a year plus $250,000 of restricted stock options for serving on the board of IAC/Interactive. $600,000 a year for essentially doing nothinga t NBC. On the payroll of hedge fund Avenue Capital Group as a “chemical industry analyst?” As the author says, “I suppose we should be grateful that Chelsea hasn’t been ‘appointed’ as a brain surgeon somewhere in New York City.”

·        Trump set to expand travel ban. More, please! How about a merit-based system? That makes too much sense for Democrats to back it, though

·        The famous Bullitt Mustang sold for $3.74 million. Maybe the best car chase in movie history. I was a contrarian even back then. My favorite car was the Dodge Charger with the 356 hemi.

·        Sorry, but this one just cried out for sharing. Dumb blond moment of the week. What is Popeye’s favorite food? And she was so proud of herself.

·        I had suggested that these guys might want to keep a low profile for now, but noooo. PMF leader Taleb Abbas al-Saedi was shot dead yesterday in Karbala.

·        The President tweeted support for the Iranian protesters in Farsi yesterday. It is ‘the most liked Persian tweet’ in history of Twitter. Here is the response from the Democratic presidential candidates.

·        I keep seeing these former nitwits from the Obama administration like Biden, Kerry, Susan Rice, et al claiming the Obama Administration never ‘had a whiff of scandal.’ What dimension are they living in. Let’s remind them of a few.

·        I commented on Ricky Gervais’ spot on monologue at the Golden Globe awards. If you’re wondering why reporter trashed it, look no further.

·        This congenital liar should not be allowed anywhere near the reins of power. Polling Experts: Democrats More Likely to Nominate ‘No One’ Than Elizabeth Warren. I certainly hope so.

·        Today’s Gaffe-A-Matic update. Did anyone on Slow Joe’s staff ever take Geography or bother to look at a map of South America. Joe claims there is a border between Venezuela and Bolivia, which are 700 miles apart.