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In The News-Weekend Edition, Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021
Posted Feb 27 2021 9:55AM

·       Move over Hydroxychloroquine. 105-year old beats COVID. She credits old arthritis cure,  Gin Soaked Raisins.

·       As someone said the other day, “Don’t make fun of the South when it snows. It’s rare. Sort of like a Northern school winning a National Football Championship.” LOL.

·       Uncle Joe stares into the future. Blankly, I might add. What an unmitigated embarrassment.

·       Feel Good Story. Co-worker give car won in raffle to fellow employee who bikes to work in Wisconsin.

·       Meme of the Day:

Now That I’ve Lived[JW1] 

Through An Actual Plague

I Totally Understand

Why Italian Renaissance Paintings

Are Full Of Naked Fat People

Laying On Couches

·       Finally, some help. Google Translate Adds Biden Option.

·       In case you’ve missed it, the latest installment in Academic Insanity. Eating While Black exposed as one more race hoax.

·       That Was Then, This Is Now. How inconvenient. David French was unavailable for comment.

·       Hasbro came in for a lot of ridicule over their announcement that they were dropping the “Mr.” from Mr. Potato Head. They have since clarified things. Wow, what passes for news these days!

·       Too Stupid to be humble? Politicians are not, in general, renowned for honesty. But actual lying – verifiable, damnable lying about an important public issue – is relatively uncommon. Unless we’re talking about Joe Biden. He has a history of lying through his teeth that goes back 40 years.  

·       News we can all use. How to stop Robocalls. Glenn Reynolds also has a good idea that I’m all for. Pay me.

·       The Equality Act is proof that Democrats are clinically insane.

·       Does Mitch see some handwriting on the wall?

·       CPAC: The Greatest Show on Earth. I should have some insights coming after a long conversation with my son who attended. Gov. DeSantis kicked it off with a bang and was very well received by the attendees. “Hold the line, stand your ground, and never back down.”

·       The Democrats made these rules, now they have to live with them. Obstructing Biden Cabinet an Sub-Cabinet nominees.

·       Please. Coca-Cola and now Oreo? I won’t have any vices left. Well, maybe a few.

·       Today’s installment in the annals of journalistic insanity and the depths to which we have sunk.

·       Hope for Georgia. State Senate passes bill requiring photo ID for absentee voting.

·       If you were a fan of Trump’s scrapping bureaucratic regulation, those days are over for now. Biden scrapped on day one a Trump rule that saved $160 billion. As ultra-liberal columnist Katrina vanden Heuvel said, “the era of small government is over.” Like that’s supposed to be good news.

·       Remember when Billy Carter was the black sheep of the family? He was a choir boy compared with Hunter Biden. Carrying on simultaneous affairs with his brother’s widow and her sister. Pretty sordid stuff.

·       Sheila Jackson Lee tries to get away with lie and is fact checked on the spot. She is well aware of the Dopeler Effect, but got called on it. She is, of course, surrounded by the Bozone Layer.

·       Finally, some sanity from a British Court. They refuse to allow ISIS bride to return.

·       Germany launches coordinated raids on suspected Islamic extremists. What? No Lutheran or Baptist cells? How about Presbyterians?

·       I’m all for this. If college basketball players don’t want to stand for National Anthem, yank their scholarships.  

·       The knives are out and it didn’t take long. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is being blamed for the Neera Tanden failure. Leaks are proliferating. As Vince Foster Deputy White House counsel under Clinton said in a suicide note found after his death, “Here, ruining people is considered sport.”

·       The always readable Ammo Grrrll has some thoughts on Critical Race Theory.

·       From the category “hoist by your own petard”: Professor called for peers to be fired for their speech. Now she is being fired for her speech.