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In The News for Thursday, December 5, 2023
Posted Jan 05 2023 7:20AM

·        Happy New Year. 10 Scandals To Keep Your Eye On In 2023.

·        Well, two years into the debacle he has fostered Joe Biden says it’s his ‘intention’ to visit US-Mexico border. Want to be it will be a visit with tightly scripted optics? Local demonstrators ought to wear him out, but the media probably won’t cover that.

·        “Surprising” – Researchers Have Found That Honey Improves Key Measures of Cardiometabolic Health. I recently had a doctor use ‘medicinal’ honey to treat a wound. Honey from local sources is also known to help sufferers of hay fever.

·        Nine Years Later, Tom Cotton’s Letter To The Times. A very interesting read. I had forgotten about it.

·        The Line That Brought Down the House During Ron DeSantis’ Inaugural Speech. “Florida is where woke goes to die.” “The applause began before DeSantis could get halfway through the passage and culminated in a standing ovation from the enthusiastic crowd.”

·        From a New York emigrant. It’s been a year since we left New York for Florida. Here’s what we learned.

·        Texas National Guard places razor wire, other fortifications along Southern border. It’s a start. Wonder if the Rio Grande would support alligators?

·        I think this is called equal treatment under the law. First transgender person executed for murdering girlfriend in 2003.

·        Is there some reason these miscreants are being treated with kid gloves? They did spread a lot of money around.

·        MMT Is Dead. It Must Now Be Buried For GoodKeynesianism, Krugman’s multiplier, and MMT have all been empirically, logically, mathematically, and thoroughly repudiated. You may remember the faux economic professor at Stony Brook University, Stephanie Kelton, who had a brief moment in the limelight for her teaching of this nonsense.