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In The News for Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Posted Feb 09 2021 7:50AM

·        This just in. Tampa Bay stripped of Super Bown title after 50 uncounted points found overnight at the stadium.  In other news a post game drug test showed Tom Brady may have had performance enhancing Metamucil in his bloodstream. In other news, the NFL’s experiment with their first female referee didn’t go as expected.

·        Speaking of the Super Bowl…Were those the worst set of ads you ever saw? I thing the Babylon Bee got it right. Conservatives Sit Down For A Relaxing Evening Of Being Insulted By Every Major Corporation In America.

·        This should be interesting. Trump’s impeachment defense team will show video clips of Dems urging violence in 2020.

·        Good luck on shaming Tom Brady as if anyone gives a hoot in hell what you idiots think.

·        You don’t say? DOJ says Facebook, not Parler, played the largest role in the Capitol Hill “riot”, new documents show.

·        Sorry, boys. You saddled up that horse, now you get to ride it. AFL/CIO leader slams Biden’s job killing Executive Order killing Keystone Pipeline.

·        The Biden Family Business. No shame at all.

·        How to outlaw millions of jobs with the stroke of a pen. Don’t put it past them.

·        Trump’s defense brief eviscerates the Democrat’s case for impeachment. Of course it does. It’s nothing but political theater put on by a bunch of thoroughly despicable politicians.