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In The News for Monday, March 28, 2022
Posted Mar 27 2022 7:45PM

·        Let’s start off with a little humor. French Fighter Jet Joy Ride Goes Très, Très Wrong. I feel for the poor guy, but the writer had me in stitches.

·        The media has pitched in to airbrush Slow Joe’s spectacle of debility and senescence on display during his trip to Europe. From the New York Post: Media works overtime to clean up Joe Biden’s word salads. And from the Wall Street Journal: The President Should Avoid Public Speaking. To day the least.

·        Diminished capacity is not a valid excuse for contemptible lies. Joe Biden, Liar.

·        I’m thinking this could really call for a lot of popcorn. Trump Sues The Russia Hoaxers. One thing is certain. He needs to radically beef up his legal resources.

·        When an issue is killing you with the voters, you’re willing to throw your principles over the side, apparently. Democrats propose massive fossil fuel subsidy!

·        When gas at the pump hit $3.89 in 2018, Chuck staged a press conference at an Exxon station. Have you seen him at one lately? I didn’t think so. Chuck, you need to reprise your little stunt.

·        What Happened To Roland Fryer? If you don’t know who Roland Fryer is, you need to watch this 25 minute video clip. I promise you’ll sit there transfixed by the story of how this outstanding young economist was murdered by his liberal colleagues at Harvard when his research threatened their gravy train. Here is the full article by Peter Wood: When Harvard Canceled A Black Professor. Roland’s crime was that his work destroyed the canard of “systemic racism.” Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more from Professor Fryer.

·        Don’t remember if I already linked this Tweet of the Week. Too good.   

·        Judge Ketanji Jackson put the meme business into overdrive last week with her comment that she couldn’t define what a woman was since she wasn’t a biologist. It figures prominently in The Week In Pictures.

·        Think maybe the men of the 82nd Airborne were a little surprised when Joe told them they were going to Ukraine? We’re desperately hoping this was just a typical case of Joe tasting his foot, as he does daily, and not a slip of some classified plan.  

·        Last year California saw the first population decline in the state’s history. And I’m willing to bet it’s the well-to-do who they need most on their tax rolls to promote their profligate spending.  

·        Gosh! I’m shocked! Just shocked! A group of Iranian backed Houthi militia attacked Saudi oil facilities. Isn’t this a group that Biden just removed from the FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) list? Why, yes it is.

·        The media lie with straight faces. Mock them mercilessly.

·        Let Him Who Is Without Crack-Induced Nudes… I watched him utter these cringeworthy remarks. If his handlers have any sense, they’ll bring his attempts at public speaking to a crashing halt.

·        As John Hinderaker says, and as I have said on numerous occasions, “…we are paying the price of having a President and a White House that are utterly incompetent. His comments have caused consternation around the world and brought International Condemnation.

 It will be interesting to see whether any reporter will ask Biden why he said what he did, whether he meant it, whether he wants to retract it, and so on. Perhaps the press will just pass by in silence, thinking that is the best way to prop up a failing administration.  

·        The more I see of Monsieur Zemmour, the more I like him