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In The News for Monday, December 19, 2022
Posted Dec 19 2022 7:19AM

·        A very good Week In Pictures.

·        It appears that FTX was a swindle virtually from day one. A good article on just how screwed up it was and why young Mr. Bankman-Fried is unlikely to see the light of day except through bars for quite some time.

·        Very interesting comments on COVID  vaccines and mounting evidence that the vaccines, which aren’t really vaccines, actually increases your risk.

·        Anatomy Of A Fraud. It’s a disgusting story, but a useful reminder that outlets like Politico, the New York Times, CNN, etc., are not innocents who inadvertently get things wrong, but are naked partisans who are happy to lie to benefit their party, the Democrats.

·        WAPO Schadenfreude.  It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of leftists. And it is fun when the bosses of left-wing institutions are forced by financial realities to say what they really think about labor.

·        Ammo Grrrll has a great, foolproof plan to get rich in her Friday column, Thoughts From The Ammo Line. It has worked for countless Democrats, so, why not?

·        Simply unbelievable! Google is going to begin noting the race of owners of various businesses so you can patronize only the stores of your favorite group. I remember as a child the Whites Only/Colored Only signs on water fountains and bathrooms as well as restaurants and motels that were segregated. Are we headed back in that direction? Disgusting!

·        A German autopsy study undercuts the fed’s dismissal of COVID vax heart inflammation risks. I am more and more of the opinion than no one should take the vaccine. The government has lied about the risks and effectiveness from day one.

·        America, we can choose not to tolerate weirdos. It's not hard. Say it with me.

You are a weirdo, and being a weirdo disqualifies you from any kind of serious job. 

·        My response to this is covered by Travis Tritt? LGBTQ representation in Hollywood movies dropped sharply in 2001, new GLAAD study finds.  

·        A Lexicon to help you understand the true meaning of the words and phrases being used prevalently by the left these days.

·        The sixth installment of the Twittter files release shows clearly the unbelievable level of interference and censorship provided by the FBI in conjunction with Twitter personnel. Regular meetings and the FBI had 80 people working on their social media task force. It wa clearly illegal and a violation of the first amendment.