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In The News for Thursday, December 15, 2022
Posted Dec 15 2022 7:42AM

·        Elon Is Winning. And it is hilarious to watch. Polls indicate that while he is enraging liberals, he has the large majority of Americans on his side.

·        With the news of some success in the Nuclear Fusion process, environmentalists are gearing up to oppose it. Why? Because. This quote from the ever wrong but never in doubt Paul Erlich from about 33 years ago is one of his classics that hasn’t exactly stood the test of time.

Fusion proponents, [Paul Ehrlich] notes, also estimate that commercial applications of their work are at least 20 years off. And it will be 30 years beyond then before fusion power has significant impact. In this sense, says Ehrlich, fusion is irrelevant because, he asserts, the world will have long since succumbed to over-population, famine, global warming and acid rain. [Emphasis added.]

·        Good! BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Run of Bad Luck Continues. If I remember correctly, and I do, BlackRock was an investor in FTX.

·        Sam Bankman-Fried denied $250K cash bail offer after begging judge to be let loose over vegan diet, ADD. His parents, both Stanford law professors, were at his hearing. One report says his mother laughed during the proceedings when her son was referred to as a fugitive. His father “occasionally put his fingers in his ears.” They are facing scrutiny for their own roles in the collapsed FTX. Sam’s father, Joseph, was a paid employee of FTX.

·        Meanwhile, if I were Mr. Bankman-Fried, I’d be begging for extradition. Here is an article on the prison where he is being held.  

·        You say you’re not White but would still like to be a “White supremacist?” Apparently that is no problem. I’m glad to know that. I’ve always wanted to a widely admired and successful billionaire. Anything is possible.

·        Biden’s return to ‘normalcy’ brought us crazy instead – like Sam Brinton. And Richard (“Rachel”) Levine, the erstwhile Admiral of Health & Human Services. This gender dysphoric man was named one of USA Today’s women of the year in 2022. We are a laughingstock for the world.

·        Classic unhinged lib gets ridiculed. Democrat’s online safety ‘expert’ humiliated in congress with her own tweets threatening judges. Caraballo is a transgender lib who teaches at Harvard’s Cyberlaw Clinic. She is also an antifa activist.

·        Another case of an unhinged liberal who couldn’t stand the ridicule. It’s an effective technique and usually causes them to really expose their crazy.