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In The News for Monday, August 8, 2022
Posted Aug 08 2022 6:47AM

·        A particularly good Week In Pictures: Your Lying Eyes Edition.

·        Donald Trump was the keynote speaker at the CPAC conference in Dallas last weekend. Victor Orban gave a great speech and Trump said something I hope the next President will follow-through on. Next President Must ‘Remove Rogue Bureaucrats and Root Out The Deep State.’

·        The plot just keeps getting thicker. An Utterly Bizarre Statement. Unintelligible statement from Hunter’s lawyer.

·        DON’T TREAD ON ME! Some background on the Gadsden Flag. It’s about time to cancel the FBI.

·        When your arguments can’t stand on their own, you try to censor any opposing views. The Biden Administration want to censor anyone who disagrees with the misinformation they disseminate about climate and energy.

·        Apparently, voters aren’t as stupid as Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin think they are. Only 12% believe the Spendapalooza and fraudulently named Inflation Reduction Bill will do anything like its title indicates. With November fast approaching, these people just keep doubling down. It appears they are going to pay a heavy price if the recent primaries are any indication. It says something when even Bernie Sanders recognizes fraud.

·        First bus of illegal aliens arrives in New York City from Texas. Maybe Gov. Abbott should send a few to Delaware. On a related, and humorous, note, the New York Times is taking notice now that it is affecting their readers. Hilariously, they blame the problem on Republican Governors in border states. Cry me a river.   

·        Trying to reverse the policies that ruined San Francisco. DA Brooke Jenkins announces she is revoking lenient plea offers to fentanyl dealers.

·        These “Economists Say” Whatever Democrats Want Them To Say. For some reason the poster boy, Jared Bernstein, was omitted. Perhaps because he is not an actual academic economist. He is self-taught.

·        Last time I checked I thought the coal industry was important to West Virginia. Joe doesn’t have to run until 2024 and is hoping people have short memories. Coal Industry leaders condemn Manchin-backed climate bill.  

·        We seem to have a new endangered species based on the recent primaries. Republicans who supported Trump’s impeachment.

·        What a beauty! Colorado fisherman breaks 75-year old Brook Trout record with 7.84 pound Brookie. Didn’t say, but hope he released it.

·        Insanity Update: Navy failed to address environmental impact of Growler fleet expansion, judge rules