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In The News for Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Posted Feb 07 2023 7:40PM

·        I should have known better than to play this. Borderline alcohol poisoning.

Biden State of the Union Drinking Game:

Take a Drink When Joe Says any of the following:

v True Story

v Swear to God it Happened

v Come on, Man

v Where's Jill

v President Harris

v Putin's Scared of Me

v We Feel Good About Things

v You Know, the Thing

v I Take Classified Documents, Seriously

v Not A Joke

v Trump

v Nazis

·        A 101 year old guy who has his priorities straight. The Cocktail Hour.

·        Former Defense Secretary, Christopher Miller, slams Pelosi as ‘Incoherent’ and a ‘Shrieking’ mess during Jan. 6 riot.

 “I had never seen anyone — not even the greenest, pimple-faced 19-year-old Army private — panic like our nation’s elder statesmen did on January 6 and in the months that followed,” Miller scoffed.

·        An interesting interview with Dr. Malone on what’s wrong with the COVID vaccine and what can be done once taken.

·        All you need to know about how mindlessly stupid the fanatical green energy crusade is can be seen in this chart. Share with your woke friends and ask for their comments. The Daily Chart: Green Energy Realism.

·        Simply unbelievable!

Chinese Balloon.png

Some Balloon Memes

·        An interesting update on what’s happening in Florida compared to New York and California.

·        China Contributes

·         When the Chinese Communist Party gives money to the university housing Biden's think tank, it's not for charity.

— Tom Cotton (@TomCottonAR) February 7, 2023


·        Operation ‘Dump Kamala’ Is Officially On.

If anyone is quietly pushing the “dump Biden/Harris” plan behind the scenes, it’s Hillary Clinton, who still pines for the Oval Office with Gollum-like fanaticism.

·        How totally tone deaf to serve one of most people’s favorite entrees during black history month. We’ve lost our minds.

·        ‘Scientific Nail in the Coffin’ for Masks.

The study was published on January 30 by the Cochrane Library, a world-renowned medical database that is famous for its high-quality evidence reviews. It comes as a battering ram to the recommendations of the U.S. public health establishment, which urged children as young as two to wear masks throughout the pandemic.

·        10 new breaking Hunter Biden stories the mainstream would like to suppress.

·        Respect. East Hartford, Connecticut store clerk shot by masked robber, draws his own two, that’s right two, handguns and returns fire, killing one of the robbers. His own wounds were not life-threatening. The second robber fled the scene, but I’m willing to bet he left a puddle in his wake.