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In The News for Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Posted Dec 29 2021 8:00AM

·       Dr. Scott Atlas called the response to COVID 19 “A crisis of academic incompetence.” This interview with Dr. Peter McCullough by Joe Rogan is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen about the response, or lack of response, to the pandemic. The NIH and CDC heads should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. I can’t tell you how fascinating this interview is or how mad you will be after watching it. Heads need to roll! It is possible that 85% of the deaths from COVID could have been prevented. If you listen to nothing else, go to the 31-minute mark and listen for sixty seconds. You will be outraged!

·       A new Gallup Poll give the President and his team a definitive “F”. For the first time Biden is polling lower than the very unpopular Kamala Harris.

·       The Princeton Historian Mugged By Princeton. A long and interesting story that reflects poorly on Princeton.

·       Biden changes his tune. Not My Job. After loudly and histrionically vowing to “shut down the virus” Joe now says it is the responsibility of individual states to solve the problem. “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level.”

·       Gee, what a surprise! Not. Most Americans believe there are only two sexes.

·       A major change in the Quarantine recommendations from the CDC. First 14 days, then 10 days and now 5 days plus wearing a mask for 5 days. That means 5 days, since anyone who can read should know that masks are not an effective block for the COVID virus.

·       Don’t hold your breath waiting on AP to pick up this story. Nearly 30% of new COVID cases in America came from one city. As the author points out, had it been Florida it might have gotten more coverage from the press.

·       This reeks of desperation. Democrats are planning ahead on how to respond when they get vaporized in November 2022. I don’t see this  by desperate legal strategy going anywhere or doing anything but enraging voters. More likely, this is Mr. Elias version of ‘ambulance chasing’ to drum up business. The tried and true tool of sleazy attorneys.

·       Larry O’Connor puts things in perspective and hits the nail on the head. The Biden Presidency: A Horrible Accident of History.

·       For some reason they don’t have these in Tennessee. Minneapolis Target holds semi-annual ‘Everything Is Free’ sale.

·       The White House, the Left and the Media may be on Joe Manchin’s case, but the folks back home are praising him.

·       As I’ve pointed out before, ridicule is one of the best defenses against the woke nonsense. Here is a particularly worthy candidate for ridicule.

·       Seasame Street responds to White Privilege.

·       I’m not sure why anyone should care what she thinks or says, but Greta Thunberg says it’s “strange some people think of Joe Biden as a leader on climate issues.” Personally, I think it strange that the media covers anything this child has to say.

·       You’ll remember that Churchill once said that “a lie can get around the world before the truth gets one leg in its pants.” The Russia Hoaxers just aren’t giving up. They should be sued for slander for every dime they have. You can always count on the Brookings Institute and Atlantic Magazine.

·       You’ll recall that we achieved energy independence under President Trump only to have Slow Joe reverse policy. Oil could hit $100 in 2022 as US energy independence dwindles.  

·       Unintended consequences? Unvaxxed nurses asked to come back to work because of staffing shortages. What a surprise! Not.

·       For all you fans of Bambi, there is more to the story you might be unaware of. It was banned by the Nazis in 1935.