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In The News for Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Posted May 04 2022 6:58AM

·        The Hits Just Keep On Coming. Biden gets just a bit confused.

·        The blame for the leaked Supreme Court draft is being directed at a clerk for Justice Sotamayor, one Amit Jain, a Yale Law School graduate. If so, his legal career is probably over. There is a growing belief that the leak might have actually been condoned by Justice Sotamayor herself. If so, impeachment is in order. No opinion of the Court has ever been leaked in the Court’s history.

·        As usual, The Babylon Bee nails it. Twitter Employee Undergoes Therapy Over Elon Musk Takeover. And this job advice for fired Twitter content moderators.

·        Apparently, it’s not just that face masks are useless in containing COVID, it is actually much worse. Face Mask usage correlates with higher death rates.

·        I’ve commented on the possible extinction even for Democrats as Latinos shift their allegiance. It might be even worse. They could be losing the Black vote.

·        Joe chose an interesting pseudonym to cover his email correspondence with Hunter. A KGB spy from a Tom Clancy novel.

·        I suspect there is a workaround, but it’s still a good story. Russian troops stole $5 million worth of John Deere farm vehicles which remotely locked the thieves out of the equipment.

·        Apparently, Pierre Delecto has taken to wearing disguises while out in public to avoid being harassed by Trump supporters. He can’t disguise that he is a RINO, though.

·        The mainstream media has pretty much ignored one of the biggest stories of the last week, the Department of Homeland Security’s new Ministry of Truth.

·        From a distant third in the polls a few months ago, Trump endorsed J.D. Vance came on strong to win the Republican primary in Ohio over establishment candidates.