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In The News for Thursday, November 5, 2020
Posted Nov 05 2020 7:11AM

·       There is something fishy going on in Wisconsin. Very fishy. The Trump campaign has challenged the vote and there will be a recount. Never in history has Wisconsin had an 88% turnout, with a huge batch of almost totally Biden votes showing up in the middle of the night. I encourage you to read this piece from John Hinderaker.

·       It’s hard not to be dispirited when you feel so strongly about something and were obviously wrong. Voting is a privilege and should require some modicum of effort on our part. Mailing out millions of ballots to people who would likely not have voted much less  to others who were dead or no longer residents at the addresses the ballots were mailed to was something obviously prone to invite fraud. Our politicians owe it to the American people to make sure our elections are as transparent and free of the possibility of fraud as is humanly possible. That wasn’t done, and the result is what we’ve just experienced. Hopefully we’ll be able to call the winner by the end of the week.

·       Another disappointment for Republicans was that while they showed gains in the percentage of Black and Hispanic voters[JW1] , significant in some areas, it was less than anticipated in light of how they have fared under the current administration. Very disappointing. Some progress was made, and the Republicans need to build on it. I significantly overestimated the impact it would have.  

·       Sara Hoyt had some comments as she signed off about 3 AM on election night. I’m in total agreement.

·       Roger Kimball has some suggestions for what the next step should be. Save Our Democracy rallies in contested states. And Glenn Reynolds has a suggestion for his post-presidency plans. Start his own network.

·       Now, it look like the Mail-In Voter Fraud fix is in. Let’s hope our lawyers are better than theirs. A couple of very suspicious voter dumps took place in Wisconsin and Michigan. Almost statistically impossible.

·       The good news. The Democrats will have a big uphill climb to hold the House in 2022 and the Senate looks safe for some time. This means no court packing or increased taxes and the Green New Deal is off the table. Biden will have a tough time implementing his agenda even if he is eventually declared the winner. Nancy Pelosi’s leadership may also be in jeopardy. She lost seats when the “blue wave” she anticipated did not materialize. A similar outcome cost Newt Gingrich his job when he was House Speaker.

·       Democrats wasted a phenomenal amount of money trying to unseat McConnell and Graham. Almost $250 million dollars on long-shot Senate races.

·       As a tone-deaf Democrat once told Coal Miners, perhaps Polling Industry workers should learn to code. They have been thoroughly discredited. President Trump gained in every demographic except for white men. That wasn’t exactly what the pollsters were predicting. He went from 8% of the Black vote to 12%, the most of any Republican candidate in memory. The LGBT vote doubled, and he picked up an additional 3% of the Hispanic vote. Unfortunately, it may not have been enough. The Hispanic vote for Trump  in Texas and Florida was strong.

·       Did any of the prognosticators get it right. Well, yes. The only ones who got it right were those who predicted mail-in balloting would be a hideous disaster that unleashed[JW2]  pure chaos. Take a bow, guys!

·       An interesting factoid: No incumbent has lost reelection with Economic approval as high as Trump[JW3] .

·       I had the same experience and mirror these comments on Fox News’ election coverage. Newsmax did a good job.