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In The News for Monday, August 24, 2020
Posted Aug 24 2020 7:22AM

·        A good Week in Pictures from Powerline.

·        If you are a regular reader, you know this has been my opinion from day one. More evidence that Shutdowns are Useless. The more data we get, the more it looks like Sweden and South Dakota got it right. New York and California not so much.

·        And yet, Joe Biden has indicated he would be willing to shut down the economy again. It shouldn’t have happened the first time and it certainly shouldn’t happen again.

·        Pretty effective ad. Another good clip of what’s going on.

·        Citing threats, Mayor Lori Lightweight Lightfoot defends ban on protesters on her block. “I have a right to make sure my home is secure.” Too bad she doesn’t think her citizens deserve the same security. She bans protests, but only on her own block.

·        More “Peaceful Protests” in Portland.

·        An outstanding commentary on what we’ve been going through. “There’s a pretty good chance only one of us will make it out alive.”

·        Good article about President Trump’s decision to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany.

·        Trumpism-A Look Backward and Forward to November.

No president in the history of the Republic has ever been targeted for removal by the opposition party, the permanent bureaucracy, and members of his own party, and in such an illegal and unethical manner.

That Trump is still standing is an unrecognized tribute to his resilience, stamina, and willpower to fight it out to the bitter end.  

·        Gee! What an unexpected development. New Jersey election invalidated because of mail-in voter fraud. Rampant was the adjective used. Four have been charged with criminal conduct. I wonder what party they all belonged to? Guess.

·        I did, too, but for probably different reasons. Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, the WAPO’s “conservative” claims she cried ’15,20’ times while watching Dem convention. As one response said, “You need a psychiatrist.” The Mainstream Media Breathlessly Praises Joe Biden’s Ability to Read. LOL.

·        This wasn’t supposed to happen. ‘Fact Check: True’: Trump’s approval rating surges during Biden’s convention. It jumped from 47% to 51%. It’s not unusual to see a candidate get a bump during the convention. It’s usually the candidate who is having the convention, though.

·        If you watched the DNC convention or CNN or MSNBC, you probably aren’t aware of the violence and rioting going on. The Dems ignored it. You can bet the Republicans won’t. And China? It got just one mention at the DNC.  

·        Well, it would hardly be the first time, would it? Biden accused of plagiarizing late Canadian politician Jack Layton in DNC speech.

·        The Russian duo Vovan and Lexus, who have spoofed others like Adam Schiff, caught Kamala Harris by pretending to be Greta Thunberg and her father promising dirt on Trump.

·        Don’t think Pennsylvania likely to swing back into the blue column. Democratic Representative Connor Lamb admitted that Biden has a lot of explaining to do, since Pennsylvania lost a “ton” of jobs while he was in office. Not to mention that outlawing fracking might not play too well.

·        I don’t think this kind of thing plays too well. 7-year old boy attacked for wearing MAGA hat. The pathetic excuse for a human being has been arrested and her accomplice is being sought. These people are disgusting!

·        The Democrats aired a clip of an illegal immigrant who had been deported two times under Democratic presidents. There was more to the story than the clip brough out. How surprising!

·        Famed archaeology professor fired after photos surface of him wearing Nazi uniform.

·        Do you have the feeling that the Democrat’s focus on the faux Postal Service scandal is a brazen attempt to take the focus off Joe Biden’s campaign? Trump drives around playing mailbox baseball in latest voter suppression attempt. LOL.

·        Just too many good ones to link. The Babylon Bee.

·        You can be excused for thinking that this story is satire. It isn’t.

·        Gee, who would have thought? A couple of recent headlines. Movers in NYC are so busy they’re turning people away. And this: SF Condo inventory spikes, with price reductions skyrocketing.

·        The press continues to show why they have no credibility or respect anymore.

·        A look back in history at how the press covers the different conventions.

·        Missing from any mention at the DNC convention was the attempted impeachment of President Trump. Maybe Tommy Lee hit them with the neuralizer.