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In The News: Joe Biden Edition
Posted Aug 23 2021 3:25PM

·    I have to admit that there is occasionally a side of me that feels sorry for Joe Biden and the untenable position he has been placed in by desperate Democrats and his family as he enters his dotage and suffers from diminishing cognitive abilities and now, the total ineptitude of the Afghan withdrawal. After a not particularly notable, but still long-lived career as a political hack, one that has enriched him immensely, he should be able to retire to Wilmington, Delaware and play with his Corvette and swim in his pool nude in front of his female Secret Service agents as he has a habit of doing. However, when I reflect, I realize that Joe has done nothing to merit the office stolen for him, and those pulling his strings represent the most despicable denizens of the Swamp, and I want to see them humiliated to the fullest extent possible, some jailed, some caned on the steps of the Capitol and others exiled to Portland, Oregon where they should be forced to live in a homeless encampment as punishment for the things they have been responsible for inflicting on God-fearing, patriotic Americans. Enough is enough. It’s time to pick what hill we’ll die on.

     Both the NYT and WAPO have turned on Joe. Being hung out to dry by the two most prominent Democrat water carriers must be a shocking development for him. I think his days are numbered and we'll likely have Willie's old girlfriend, Kamala, who will put the finishing touches on the Democrats and result in probably the largest midterm change of power in our history. As for Trump, I tend to agree that DeSantis might be a better choice, but Trump lights up a lot of the base that has to get out and vote. It's been a long time since we've had a politician that can draw the kinds of crowds he can, witness Cullman, AL on Saturday night. There is also a part of me that would like to see him in charge with the backing of a solidly Republican House and Senate that would back him as he went through cleaning out the federal bureaucracies. He has to have someone thoroughly vetting those in his administration, unlike before. As I've said, they need to go through the FBI, DOJ and State Dept. like Sherman through Atlanta and then turn their attention to Labor and EPA. Massive terminations. 

     Interestingly, the Democrats may have accomplished their goal of one-party domination, it just may not be the party they wanted.