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Friday, May 10, 2019
Posted May 10 2019 3:04PM

In The News:

·        Another layer of the onion had been revealed and, as the author says, the FBI’s sworn story to a federal court is fraying faster than a $5 t-shirt from a tourist trap. A typed memo and handwritten notes taken by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec on October 11. 2016, 10 days before the FBI used the Steele Dossier to justify a FISA warrant, indicated that the dossier was highly questionable and likely leaked to the media. Comey’s recent behavior is beginning to make more and more sense. Mr. Comey’s name is on that FISA application, by the way. 

·        This is a fascinating story about the search for cures to antibiotic resistant bacteria. How a rotten eggplant prolonged a teenager’s life.

·        What caused China to try and be more aggressive in pushing the Trump administration on the trade talks? Apparently, they jumped to some very wrong conclusions is assessing the situation in the U.S. Now they have painted themselves into a corner where they can’t seem to be capitulating. Nevertheless, the U.S. appears to have the upper hand, but it needs to be played in a diplomatic way to give the Chinese the ability to save face.

·        If you’re worried that you might inadvertently write something that isn’t sufficiently “woke” or is politically incorrect, Microsoft has a solution for you. A new version of Word that will be even more annoying that the current version. Since the source for this is Infowars, I’m not sure how far along Microsoft actually is with this, but it does seem like a natural extension of what’s happening in Silicon Valley.

·        For some reason the term “Russian Collusion” has fallen into disfavor among all but the most hopeless Kool-Aid imbibers. The new mantra is “Constitutional Crisis.” I have it on good authority that this is part of a nefarious Republican plot to try and make liberals look like idiots. It’s called “Operation Just Let Them Speak”. Nadler has almost singlehandedly ensured the success of the operation. Joe Biden’s comment that the deceased Margaret Thatcher called him to express concerns about President Trump was an unexpected bonus. Eric Swalwell is, of course, the gift that just keeps on giving. I may have to make Operation Just Let Them Speak an ongoing feature.