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In The News for Friday, July 15, 2022
Posted Jul 15 2022 7:43AM

·        Two Princeton professors recently testified before Congress on the SEC’s proposed rule change to make all companies adopt climate change mitigation policies. Their message: The theory of anthropogenic climate change has no reliable scientific basis.

·        It’s about time. Black community leaders condemn ‘racist’ attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas.

·        Talk about coming full circle. Starbucks is closing 16 of its restaurants, all in blue cities, due to surging crime. Apparently opening their bathrooms to the homeless and drug addled didn’t work out too well.

·        Things just keep leaking out that the Jan. 6 committee would just as soon stay out of the public domain. Leaked DOJ documents indicate that the Proud Boys did not plan to enter the Capitol but were there to protect Trump supporters.

·        Cataloguing Biden’s Ineptitude On Inflation. A good timeline of his excuses.

·        I’ve commented for the last few years on the growing problems with out woke military, so this is no surprise. Something must be done.

·        Unbelievable! As hordes of illegal immigrants pour across our border due to Biden’s refusal to enforce our laws, Americans are going the other way for cheaper gas. You can’t make this stuff up.

·        We used to play marbles on a dirt playground when I was in the third grade, but this is a whole different level. What does it take to be the Rolley Hole Champion?