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In The News for Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Posted Jan 26 2021 7:28AM

·       The House delivered Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous impeachment articles to the Senate last night. It is entirely possible the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner that they can’t get out of and one that will have the opposite effect of what they intend.

·       Insanity Wrap #131. No dearth of things to highlight.

·       The worst 5-day President, ever? Stephen Kruiser thinks so. “I promised myself I wouldn’t let this Biden nightmare drive me to drink but we’re less than a week into it and I’m now working on a ‘Breakfast Martini’ menus.”

·       The leaks have started. From inside the Biden administration, this anecdote about how hard it is to be a speechwriter for Joe.

·       This needs to accelerate. It wasn’t just California where he did this. Justice System in California in chaos as prosecutors rebel against Soros-created DA.

·       It didn’t take Paul Krugman long to get back to normal, that is being wrong. His comments slamming Gov. DeSantis and praising Dem governors have aged like milk.

·       I think all television talking heads and mainstream media journalists should have to wear shock collars tied to a central server that begins emitting shocks after a talking point is repeated for the third time. For example, the word “insurrection” would have virtually all of them with their hair standing straight out.  

·       An overwhelming majority of voters support showing a photo ID to vote. 77% to be exact. Of course they do.

·       Bloomberg seems to be having trouble coming to grips with the fact that the Stock/Bond ratio has staged an upside breakout after almost a twenty year consolidation. Bet against it at your peril. The catch phrase for bond buyers should now be Caveat Emptor.

·       The National Bureau of Economic Research debunks claim that a $15 minimum wage would not reduce employment.

·       An interesting potential response to being de-platformed and censored. What if deplorables start “de-platforming” leftists from receiving skilled trade services?

·       Biden’s Secretary of State pick might get asked a few questions about this during his confirmation hearings.