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In The News for Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Posted Jun 03 2019 11:03PM

·        What a shock! Who would have thought it? 9 in 10 illegal aliens released into the U.S. aren’t showing up for their court hearings. The penalty should be immediate deportation when apprehended. More evidence of the crisis. Over 100 illegal immigrants apprehended crossing the border who were from Congo, Angola and Cameroon. Wonder how they got to Mexico? And why Mexico allowed them in?

·        An interesting piece published by a leftist professor at Princeton published in the Nation, a left-wing journal. It’s worth a read, particularly considering the author and the publication. How Did Russiagate Begin?

·        I’ve become a big fan of Candace Owens.

“What is striking, when you see Candace in action, is how non-controversial she is. Pretty much everything she says would have been regarded as common sense by your mother. But today, it is enough to get you attacked on the street, banned by Facebook, and denounced as public enemy number one by the Left.” Watch the clips. 

·        Maybe we need to re-think some of our outsourcing decisions. China aims to disrupt America’s ability to make its own medicine.

·        Governor Hickenlooper tried to inject to sense into the proceedings and was roundly booed. He tried to warn the Democratic party faithful about the dangers of embracing Socialism ahead of the 2020 presidential election. That ship has sailed and is heading straight toward a hostile shore. Gov. Hickenlooper is trying to be a lighthouse, but no one is in the crow’s nest. Here’s This Week’s Update on the Democratic Presidential Clown Car. A good way to keep up with who’s on first.

·        Change is afoot in the European Union. Voters in Europe Just Smashed the Mainstream Establishment. Making Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, France and Italy Great Again. HaHa

·        Article by a British writer in Human Events applauding Trump’s dissing of Sadiq Khan, the feckless mayor of London. Trump responded to Khan’s op/ed piece by Tweeting that he is a “stone cold loser.” As the author points out, Violent crime in London is at all-time highs. Traffic and congestion in the capital is horrendous. The Tube is creaking. Massive public projects like Crossrail are delayed and over budget. Homelessness is rife.”

·        In case you are somehow unaware of Bernie Sanders checkered past, you ought to read this. The very idea that he is a viable candidate is simply unfathomable to me.

·        Gov. Abbott of Texas just signed a bill allowing you to order beer and wine from retailers to be delivered to your home. It reminds me of the old Hudson and Landry routine Ajax Liquor Store