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In The News for Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Posted Jun 22 2022 6:42AM

·       Perhaps the best take on poor Joe’s bicycle mishap was The Atlantic. They’re trying to put the Babylon Bee out of business with this stuff. The Heroism of Biden’s Bike Fall.

·       The Geek in Pictures: Inflated Statistics Edition. Some very interesting stuff.

·       The latest cringe from Kamala. Can you even imagine this woman being anywhere near the reins of power in this country?

·       Some Republican Senators just guaranteed they’ll be primaried. Breaking: The Gun Bill Just Dropped.

·       Way to go Disney. After Buzz Lightyear Bombs, Disney Quietly Cancels Upcoming Movie ‘Brokeback Woody.’

·       Paul, what happened? Paul Krugman predicted a ‘Biden Boom’ that never happened.

·       Ouch! DNC slashes price of photo with Kamala Harris due to lack of interest.

·       Biden is officially the most unpopular President since tracking began in 1945. Jimmy Carter spotted high-fiving Rosalyn in Plains, GA.

·       Of course they don’t. Most of them aren’t terminally stupid despite their unfortunate political biases. Poll: Even Democrats not buying Biden’s “Putin Price Hike” spin