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In The News for Monday, December 5, 2022
Posted Dec 05 2022 6:53AM

·        John Kirby, Biden administration spokesman, attends his own flogging on Fox News. Just pathetic.

·        Maxine Waters’ message to Sam Bankman-Friedman confirms that “the bribes are right out in the open” now.

·        The left’s reaction to Elon’s promise of transparency over past practices tells you all you need to know about what went on. An open letter to Elon Musk from Jon Sutz of Multimedia Consulting for Law and Advocacy.

(1) The crusade being waged against your management of Twitter by certain “civil rights” and “social justice” organizations, celebrities and political figures, is almost entirely based on falsehoods, innuendo and jaw-dropping hypocrisy.

(2) The evidence exists to comprehensively refute these critics, and expose them and most of their allegations for what they are. But unless the best of this evidence is transformed, soon, into concise, attention-grabbing means by which to begin informing everyday Americans — and advertisers — of the reality, Twitter will be irreparably harmed.

(3) This letter presents a step-by-step approach for you to quickly begin pursuing this mission, and simultaneously: (a) Educate the general public and major advertisers on the outrageous policies that Twitter employed before you bought it; (b) Efficiently demolish the credibility of your dishonest critics; (c) Rally widespread support for rational new rules and policies; and (d) Train moderators.

(4) I pay special attention to dismantling the credibility of one of the leaders of the crusade against you, the Anti-Defamation League, herein and on this resource page: The ADL hypocritically smears Elon Musk for facilitating anti-Semitism.

·        Meanwhile, Twitter’s former ‘Truth and Safety’ Poohbah demonstrates why we are ruled by idiots.

Roth is a prime example of a credentialed idiot. Despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, he decided that he was smart enough to determine what you and I were allowed to read and see. He made a career out of being spectacularly wrong, and only the once-in-a-generation nature of this f***-up has caused him to admit that someone else made a mistake.

·        Who could have predicted this? A Disney animated film that cost $180 million to produce was released over Thanksgiving weekend and promptly bombed. The second worst Disney opening in history. Strange World was billed as the first Disney movie to include an openly gay main character. They expect to lose $120 million on this foray into wokeness.

·        When I saw that the White House had imported 200 Maine Lobsters for the state dinner for French President Macron, I was dumbfounded at how totally tone-deaf someone must be. The Biden administration’s new Lobster fishing regulations are threatening to put Maine Lobstermen out of business due to a ridiculous issuance from the Monterrey Bay Acquarium’s Seafood Watch which has designated Maine Lobster as a food to “avoid” citing a threat to Right Whales. Never mind that in 150 years there has not been one instance of a Right Whale being injured by a Maine Lobster Trap. It was enough for Whole Foods to stop carrying Lobster. The whole thing appears to be ridiculous. Naturally, being the contrarian I am, I had Lobster Wednesday.

·        A Lopsided Debate. That’s hardly surprising. “Be it resolved, don’t trust the mainstream media.”