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In The News for Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Posted Nov 25 2020 1:45AM

·       The Dow Industrials hit 30,000 yesterday, a prediction I made in April 2009 at a speech I gave to the Birmingham, Alabama Security Dealers Association. To say that my call was met with gaping stares of disbelief and a few giggles would be an understatement. You’ll recall that this was just one month following the low in the 2008-2009 bear market which had undercut the 2000-2003 bear market lows. It wasn’t a number I pulled out of thin air, but a result of studying what had happened historically following similar downturns in our economy and the financial markets. I was off a few months in my timing, as I expected it to happen over the following ten years, but that’s close enough for government work.  

·       A disturbing survey of what effect the press’ coverage, of non-coverage, may have had on the election. 17% of Biden voters would not have voted for him had they known about the major news stories the media censored.

·       A story in an British paper that isn’t likely to appear in a major U.S. media outlet.

·       The Democrats may find themselves with a razor thin 4 seat majority in the House when the dust settles. It will be the thinnest majority in two decades. How is it likely to play out? To a large extent, it depends on how the Georgia Senate races turn out.

·       The press was quick to try and infer that the Trump legal team had thrown Sidney Powell under the bus. That doesn’t seem to be the case. She is a formidable legal mind and I’m not counting her out. She indicated on Sunday evening that she intends to file an “epic” lawsuit this week, perhaps today.

·       It’s really difficult to believe that every state smashed its record for the percentage of registered voters who voted in the most recent election. Democrat’s Dilemma: States Voting Statistics. I’m not an attorney, but I would think that the glaring statistic anomalies in the most recent election would constitute strong circumstantial evidence of fraud and would be the basis for lawsuits. Coupled with reports like this and this, It’s difficult for me to understand how the courts can ignore the evidence.

·       If Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20th, there are a lot of voters who believe his election was the result of a combination of illegal voting and fraud. The evidence is a whole lot stronger that the Russian Collusion nonsense that the Democrats relentlessly tried to gin up about Trump. The long awaited “healing” is likely to be pushed back as half of Americans will regard a Biden presidency as fraudulent. 79% of Trump voters believe election is being stolen by fraud and 83% believe the media is the enemy of the people.

·       An interesting survey of voter preferences it. It’s worth noting that Politico is left-leaning, though.

·       Occasionally, liberals do display some sanity and common sense. Bill Maher makes the obvious point that it is ridiculous to for liberals to blame President Trump for 254,000 U.S. deaths from COVID-19.

·       These people should be subjected to wholesale ridicule and investigated by Child Protective Services. 4-year old boy forced to admit he’s a girl as adults celebrate and chant. There is more to the story.What is happening in our society that things like this are tolerated? Here’s another good example of bureaucratic overreach. Rachel? L. Levine, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health announced the suspension of alcohol sales from 5 PM on Wednesday until 8 AM on Thursday.

·       Insanity Wrap #93. Former Pfizer VP says lockdowns were a mistake, YouTube’s thought police forcibly removes his video. Here is another link to it. One reason that is rising as an alternative to YouTube just as Parler is gaining traction on Twitter.

·       Meanwhile, Mitch is on the job, relentlessly confirming judges.

·       As a military officer there was much to admire about Gen. Mattis. As a civilian diplomat, not so much. I read and enjoyed his autobiography, but it was clear that he tended to look at foreign policy through the blinders of a military officer.   

·       Colorado’s new Congresswoman-elect, Lauren Boebert, has requested permission to carry her Glock on Capitol grounds.

·       Joe Biden on gun control. What changed, Joe? I think we all know the answer to that. Pressure from the uber-liberal wing of his party.