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In The News for Saturday, September 26, 2020
Posted Sep 26 2020 10:25AM

·       And you thought it just couldn’t get any worse? Fooled you. This whole thing just keeps getting more unbelievable and treasonous with every new piece of information. It simply boggles the mind that after the Oval Office briefing, they all went out and purchased liability insurance. Rep. Jim Jordan is pressing the FBI and impeachment star George Kent apparently had more to tell a Senate committee when he was under oath and not being led by the execrable Adam Schiff. This whole mess is much worse than we even thought just a few weeks ago. People should be going to jail. It is way past disgraceful.

·       Think Democrats are worried that there may be a sea change taking place in the black community which the Democrats have always taken for granted? I believe they are very worried, and rightfully so, as evidenced by some of the rhetoric being spouted. This Northwestern University professor equates fellow blacks who votes for Trump to Jews who supported Hitler. They are very worried. Here is what one black truck driver had to say. “I’m voting for my family.”

·       True. “If Biden were a Republican, they [the press] would be in an almost sexual frenzy speculating about his decline and inability to campaign.” Morning Joe Biden strikes again. As Bill Whittle said, “When they let the optics look this bad, it’s because the alternative optics would look even worse.” As the old saying goes, you aren’t paranoid when they actually are out to get you. FBI Agent William Barret’s interview was very telling…and damning to the Mueller team.

·       This could get interesting. John Durham is reportedly investigating the Clinton Foundation as part of his Obamagate Probe.

·       This is interesting. I’ve noticed several comments recently about the Democrats rethinking their stance on mail-in voting. They seem to think that it might be a good idea to get as many of their voters to commit before the debate takes place. That makes sense.

·       DOJ has arrested hundreds during the “peaceful” riots. Wish they were being held without bail.

·       Blackouts, Wildfires, Homelessness, High Taxes and Far Left Politics. Why would anyone want to leave California? Locals are beginning to refer to Boise, Idaho as Bois Angeles. And from Nancy Pelosi’s city…Home Invasions Spike 42% in first nine months of year.

·       Related: Today’s offering from the paper of record. State With No Electricity Orders Everyone To Drive Cars That Run On Electricity.

·       California may be expanding the rights of pedophiles, but it hasn’t caught on in South Carolina. Certainly not among the patrons of Cracker Barrel.

·       Hilarious! Protester apparently aspires to be a speed bump. The comments on Twitter were hilarious. As one said, maybe the guy could get a job with DOT. Made my day.

·       Imagine living somewhere where they actually have to pass a law on this. New York MTA board to formally ban pooping in subways and buses.

·       These guys are doing their part for Trump’s “Get Out The Vote” campaign.  

·       Texas is on the right track. Gov. Abbott is proposing harsher penalties for people involved in riots, including mandatory jail time. Now if he’ll just include flogging… And in Florida, Gov. DeSantis is vowing mandatory jail time and a free pass for drivers who run over protes[JW1] ters when trying to escape mob violence. Think maybe the pushback is coming? Polls indicate that Americans of all persuasions are getting tired of the mayhem.

·       I’ve been taking it as a supplement for months as have some doctors I know. Could Zinc help fight COVID-19?

·       Classy. Always classy. Crowd screams at President Trump and First Lady as they pay respects to late Justice Ginsburg.

·       Read this and then we’ll have a discussion on Joe’s fitness to be President. What they didn’t tell you about Ukrainegate and the terminally corrupt Joe Biden.

·       Did Chris Christie really threaten to sit on Mike Bloomberg? Ouch!

·       I’ve commented in my morning piece about the strength in the Residential/Commercial Building stocks. Construction Worker wages have hit the highest level ever. Zero Hedge has some advice on the subject.

·       Is it time to consider using deadly force? It’s way past time.

·       Dems post job listing for Supreme Court nominee accusers. Satire, but not really.

·       Next level, foam-at-the-mouth, GUANO CRAZY stuff here. “We’re raising our daughter gender-neutral, but she only want to wear pink dresses. Where did we mess up?”

·       Trump doubles down on ban of Critical Race Theory. Way past time for this.

·       Meanwhile, I’ve been telling you a sea change is taking place as more high profile black leaders and opinion makers endorse President Trump.

·       In what dystopian universe would this even  be considered worthy of reporting[JW2] .