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In The News for Thursday, March 2, 2023
Posted Mar 02 2023 7:52AM

·        Ousted Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she was treated unfairly because of her race, gender. I’d argue she was given far too much rope with which to hang herself. Total incompetence. You get what you vote for and are willing to put up with. As Stephen Green put it, Dear Lori Lightfoot: You Were a Terrible Mayor, Get Over Yourself.

·        59 Democrats crossed the aisle to vote with Republicans in reining in Biden’s executive orders.

·        Get Those Lies Straight! It’s a constant problem for Joe.

Boskin follows up with the observation: “Any leader whose claims are not even within hailing distance of reality is bound to lose credibility.” Or so you’d think.

·        They can’t lay them off fast enough. Diversity Workers Being Phased Out Amid Corporate Job Cuts. What good news!

Diversity, equity and inclusion workers across corporate America have found their positions on the chopping block in recent rounds of layoffs.

·        Just too funny!

Now let’s compare the way Hollywood responded to The Daily Show’s success to the very different reaction to the similar runaway success of Greg Gutfeld’s late night Fox News show. Perhaps you’ve heard that Gutfeld now has the most popular show in late night? Fox even bought a very expensive 30 seconds of Super Bowl ad time to promote it. He is a ratings monster on paid cable, dwarfing what his progressive competitors are doing on free over-the-air network TV. And do you know how many networks, cable channels and streamers are looking to replicate Gutfeld’s success with conservative news, comedy and variety shows of their own?

Exactly zero.

They’ll copy Stewart a hundred different ways with a hundred different hosts, but they won’t lift a finger to service the massive audience tuning in to watch Gutfeld every night. Why not? Simple, because Hollywood isn’t interested in making content for Conservatives.

·        As Glenn Reynolds says, “She has the right skillset for this administration.” Biden Taps California Official Who Oversaw Billions in COVID Unemployment Fraud to Serve As Labor Secretary.

·        How Biden’s ‘Green Energy Economy’ is Benefitting Left-Wing Billionaires. Joe knows how to reward his supporters.

·        We may be seeing peak clown world happening right in front of our eyes. Reparations. Slavery, of course, never existed in California.  

·        The Hard “Nope”. Short and very good.

“Because as I’ve contended for years, every person has one absolute truth. It’s the one thing they know to their bones is true and the world must align with that truth … For my mother, who would have been a fashionista if she’d had the money, style and beauty were her truths. She sucked up all the lies about Barack and Michelle Obama until the media talking heads said that Michelle was the most beautiful, stylish first lady ever, above and beyond even Jackie Kennedy. That ran headlong into Mom’s truth and, after that, she never again believed what the media had to say about the Obamas.”

·        Many of you know who Walter Duranty was, the NY Times reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for whitewashing Stalin’s crimes and parroting the Communists’ propaganda. The prize should have been awarded to Gareth Jones, the hero of the Holodomor and martyr for journalism.