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In The News for Monday, September 6, 2021
Posted Sep 06 2021 8:32AM

·       Congressman Johnwayne Mullin is back from his trip to Afghanistan to rescue American citizens and he has a story to tell that doesn’t jibe with what the Biden administration is peddling. Who we brought out. Not American citizens and visa holders.

·       And What we didn’t bring out, courtesy of Victor Davis Hanson. “This is the greatest loss of military equipment in the history of warfare by one power.” Watch the 4 minute clip. 

·       So, what are Independents saying about Joe Biden? Hint, it’s not good.

·       Meanwhile, his approval rating among CNN employees has slipped to an all-time low of 98%.

·       Joe Rogan explains how he recovered from COVID-19. Leftists go nuts. Felt symptoms over the weekend and was feeling great by Wednesday. One treatment was Ivermectin, whichj

·        really triggered them. Hey, if it’s good enough for million-dollar thoroughbreds, I’m willing to try it. I’ve had great success with other veterinary products like Lasix. LOL.

·       All Right! It looks like we’re getting them in the right hands. Black Women among new gun owners. That’s a demographic that could make a difference in crime.

·       In case you remember this incident at the spa in L.A., more information has come out and it’s not surprising. The guy who sparked the violent protests by wandering around the spa with his Johnson out in front of women and minors turns out to be a registered sex offender. Gee, who would have thought that? Anyone with a brain, perhaps.

·       Interesting. 11 NASA inventions we use every day.

·       Media Blackout. What phone call? News Orgs deny Biden’s norm-defying call with Afghan President.

·       Today’s dose of Academic Insanity, Princeton. Giving Mount Royal University a run for its money.

·       This the kind of thing we saw during the Trump years. Florida diner posted a sign telling supporters of Joe Biden to eat elsewhere. He quickly sold out of food and had to close early.

·       Joe Biden displays his wisdom. Peggy Noonan wrote:

A longtime friend of his once told me Mr. Biden’s weakness is that he always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. I asked if the rooms are usually small, and the friend didn’t bristle, he laughed.

Rolling Stone does it again. Not just a partially fake news story, a totally fake news story on Ivermectin. A lot of the usual suspects took the bait. Business Insider, which I swore off a few years ago, parroted the “scoop.” The real champ was MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, though.