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In The News For Friday, August 6, 2021
Posted Aug 05 2021 9:01PM

·       Just Outstanding! Tucker interviewed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban last night. I wish he could immigrate and run for president here. Here is the interview.

·       Matt Gaetz has started a podcast, Firebrand, on Rumble. It is pretty good if you want to watch it. I recommend it.

·       Wow! When they turn on you, they really do. Cuomo is being treated like Pepe Le Pew by his fellow Dems who were lionizing him just a few weeks ago celebrating his Emmy Award and his $5 Million book advance. I agree with Scott Johnson of, Powerline. Creep Cuomo, Don’t Go. And, of course, the Babylon Bee couldn’t ignore the story. Cuomo invites all accusers to come forward and gather in New York Nursing Home. LOL.

…let us resist the urge to join the crowd. Let us pull for Creep Cuomo to hang in there. Democrats richly deserve him. Let him serve as the face of the Democratic Party in the Empire State.

·       The New York Times is an anti-journalism clown car.

The Times has zero credibility. The organization worked 24/7 for years to pimp the Russia collusion hoax. The “reporters” there spent the entire Trump era writing flimsy, poorly-sourced attacks on him. It was as if a slew of toddlers were writing a feelings journal in crayon.

·       Austin, TX DA Jose Garza may be in some hot water over witness tampering. They are serious charges that if true should result n disbarment and jail time.

·       What greater pride as a parent is there than knowing your

·        children have grown into adults with the ability to think critically and rationally and come to the correct conclusions. This was obviously a parent orchestrated woke moment that they tried to credit to their twelve-year old daughter. My older son’s response, “The only 12-year old you need to listen to is Glenlivet or his brother Glenfiddich. They will never lead you astray.” They have several cousins who will also give you good advice.

·       Nothing like having your hand in an electrical outlet when someone decides to put on a little James Brown.

·       What a brilliant idea! A buffer zone along the border to serve as a wildlife reserve for Cape Buffalo.  

·       I saw this on Tucker Carlson Wednesday night. Hungary got it right on immigration and how to handle their border. You need to watch this. How embarrassing for the U.S. to be made to look stupid by Hungary. I love the part where the Hungarians photograph and write down the info on illegal immigrants and then open a door and send them back where they came from. What a simple solution.

·       I know this to be true from someone who has talked to them. Capitol Police officers prevented from testifying unless their story fits the Pelosi narrative.