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In The News – Wednesday, August 13th Edition
Posted Aug 13 2014 8:00AM
  • The Knockout Game. Interesting that this trend doesn’t seem to be catching on in states where there are liberal carry permit regulations. One punk playing the Knockout Game picked the wrong guy in Michigan.

  • I think I’ve mentioned “Operation Choke Point” before. It is an outrageous abuse of government power. The average citizen simply can’t fight this abuse of power against a foe that isn’t concerned with attorney’s fees. It’s a perfect example of a government bureaucracy ignoring the law to enforce bureaucratic malfeasance.

  • A Washington, D.C. news crew was doing a story on a new phone app, SketchFactor, that identifies “sketchy” neighborhoods so you can avoid them. Some of the responses to this app are what you might expect. The news crew was robbed. Something tells me that wasn’t the end result they were seeking.

  • I haven’t made any secret of the fact that I love Uber. Apparently so does the GOP. If you are a user, I expect you know why they’ve been so successful. If you aren’t, try them. It’s free to sign up and if you use my code, you’ll get your first ride free and I’ll get one too. The code to enter is fwvuj.

  • Laws are for the “little people”. If any of us behaved so egregiously we’d be arrested and barred from our professions.

  • Oil glut despite the crises in Iraq, Liberia and Russia. Between the Saudis and the Shale Oil boom, oil seems to be in ample supply doesn’t it.

  • A U.S. market strategist for Barclays’ says the party is over. Jonathan Glionna writes that “those years of awesome returns are behind us now.” You mean THE Jonathan Glionna? I remember when Jim Bouton the famous baseball pitcher who was famous for his knuckleball was told that he had been traded for Dewey Womack. His response was “You mean THE Dewey Womack?

  • Help Me Stay Rich, Colorado! These ads being run in Colorado to support fracking are great.