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In The News – Monday, August 25th Edition
Posted Aug 25 2014 7:00AM
  •  I’ve commented time and again on the ridiculously intrusive nature of our government bureaucracy, but this one stands alone as a prime example of how abusive it has become. The Federal Bagpipe Police?!?

  • By way of an update on the progress of the stock market in terms of the path I predicted following the turn in 2009, here is a chart. As you can see we are tracking slightly higher than the upper end of my forecast, but I’m OK with that.The horizontal axis is time in months from the March 2009 low.


  • Here’s a medical breakthrough from biomedical engineers at Johns Hopkins that has great promise to those suffering from arthritis and knee pain. I want some of this stuff right now. It apparently works in rats, that’s good enough for me.

  • From Instapundit, a treatment for Alzheimer’s that might provide employment to unemployed college graduates.

  • Here are some clever young men from NC State who have started a company called Undercover Colors. They have developed a fingernail polish that when dipped in a cocktail changes color if the drink has been spiked with date rape drugs. If I had a college age or twenty-something daughter I’d be on top of this company.