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In The News – Wednesday, October 8th ,2014 Edition
Posted Oct 08 2014 7:00AM
  • Well, the Oracle of Omaha has just called the 2016 Presidential election. Would it be uncharitable of me to point out that at the market low in 2002 he suggested the Dow was likely to drop another 2000 points, echoing Bill Gross’s call in Sept. 2002 just before the low in October. The market has a way of slapping even the best around sometimes. Just saying.

  • I’m thinking about having a contest open only to those who are parents of children under six. This is going to be the prize. I gave a friend’s two year old this once for Christmas. My friend almost put out a contract on me. All he heard until the batteries finally gave out was the sound of breaking glass. He got me back, though. We had him impersonate Santa Claus on the telephone when my five year old made his annual call to the North Pole to speak with Santa on the night before Christmas. Santa promised him a real four-wheeler. Ever try to find a four-wheeler dealer open the night before Christmas?

  • Ever heard of the Battle of Lepanto?  October 7th, 1571. It may be the reason Christendom survived and flourished while the forces of Islam were driven back. It was a “winner take all” fight that “risked all against the military hordes of the Ottoman Empire”. “That the forces of the Christian West banded together to defeat the largest caliphate in history is a story everyone should know.” The special is over an hour long, but very interesting.

  • This woman needs a good caning. If she came in my place of business I’d offer her some bacon and eggs and free chicken nuggets. As for Snow, Chicken Kiev sounds like the right solution. And here’s Peanut Butter. All Peanut Butter needs is a little Buffalo Sauce as the perfect accompaniment. These people are bull goose loonies to paraphrase Jack Nicholson.

  • Dare we hope? J.K. Rowling tweeted her followers just before she was due to go on holiday. The tweet was “Cry foe! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won’t tolerate this nonsense.” Diehard fans have taken it to mean that there may be a return of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is playing it close the vest.

  • I’m sure this is just a coincidence. Right?

  • I’ve shown some of these before as an example of how incredibly low information a huge number of voters are. Here’s another. Apparently Joe Biden isn’t too well known in Los Angeles.