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In The News for Monday, December 27, 2021
Posted Dec 27 2021 7:49AM

·       The Week in Pictures: Merry Xmas Edition.

·       Joe’s NORAD tracking call didn’t go as intended.

·       Kamala is having a tough time. The New York Times has another article that is suspected of being planted by someone in the Biden Administration. Her defense? Issues in her portfolio are too tough. Presidential material? I think not.

·       Merrick Garland’s Jailbreak. How is this legal?

·       A Chicago businessman is withholding $4.5 until the Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign fires convicted terrorist and murderer, James Kilgore. More donors should exercise the power of the purse in donating to colleges and universities. “The Academy at the University of Illinois has clearly lost its moral compass.”

·       COVID Common Sense. It has been severely lacking and many who have been voices of sanity have been smeared and censored.

·       Remember that scary movie where the lady calls 911 and is told “the calls are coming from inside the house”? CNN is now openly questioning President Biden’s mental health