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In The News for Friday, September 25, 2020
Posted Sep 25 2020 8:07AM

·       You need to read this. As I’ve pointed out, there is a huge difference between Absentee Voting and All-Mail Voting.  An absentee voter requests a ballot, that ballot is mailed to him, he fills it out and mails it back to election officials. All-mail voting, on the other hand, involves election officials sending out unsolicited ballots to every registered voter. "The voter may already be planning to vote in person, may have moved from the jurisdiction, or may even be deceased," the report notes. Soon some states will be awash in unsolicited ballots. It is a system ripe for abuse and the courts should step in. Want a good example. Try this. FBI finds mail-in ballots discarded in Pennsylvania. All of them were cast for President Trump. Starting to get the picture?

·       Mitch seems to have had a pretty good week. In a blistering speech, he put a good Brooklyn stomping on Sen. Schumer using Schumer’s own words. Getting your team in line when it matters most, dunking your political opposition like a boss, and winning the respect of media foes without sacrificing your principles. Like I said, helluva week for Cocaine Mitch.

·       I talked about the recent news that has come out on Hunter Biden and how it implicates Joe. Powerline has a good post on the subject with plenty of links. Meanwhile, pretty mucy crickets from the MSM. You can bet it will come up in the debates if Joe actually shows up.

·       A good example of why Trump needs to clean house in the bureaucracy. Judge throws out Labor Department’s disgraceful discrimination case against Oracle after millions of taxpayer dollars spent and Oracle force to spend millions to defend itself.

·       Morning Briefing: Let’s give the lefty soy boy rioters the war in the streets they think they want. 

·       The President’s perfect reply to a reporter who asked what he thought about the insignificant Meghan Markle’s endorsement of Joe Biden – “I’m not a fan of hers. And I would say this…I wish him a lot of luck-to Harry. He’s going to need it[JW1] .”

·       Well, of course they are. Democrats continuing to fight anti-fraud measures on Pennsylvania Absentee Ballots. Related: Election watchdog finds 350,000 dead voters on the rolls. New York, Texas, Michigan, Florida and California accounted for 51%. They also found likely duplicate voting. In Pennsylvania, nearly 15,000 voters managed to cast their ballots in 2016 and 2018 despite being deceased. Wonder how many changed parties post mortem?

·       Georgia House Representative Vernon Jones may have a clue why President Trump’s popularity seems to have risen significantly among black voters. “President Trump did more for the Black community in less than four years than Biden did in over four decades.” If the polls that measure Black’s approval of the President are right, it is a real game-changer and a death knell for the Democrats.

·       The President’s banning of any Critical Race Theory training is having an effect. The Air Force is seeking to cancel diversity and unconscious bias training contracts. Millions of dollars in wasted money already, but at least these worthless training facilitators will see their gravy train go off the tracks.

·       I mentioned the ridiculous statement made by Princeton’s President, Christopher L. Eisgruber. He’s walked into a trap that could cost Princeton a lot of money unless he can extricate his foot from his mouth.

·       Are moderate Democrats about to revolt. It would be a true slap in the face for Pelosi and Schumer, but it might happen. It would probably be the death knell for Nancy as Speaker, regardless of who takes the House.

·       Maybe someone can peel back the onion and find the source of the funding for what has obviously been a well-funded operation. I found this interesting.

·       I saw this on Twitter. Boy! Am I a fan of Gov. Kristi Noem. She’s not a bad shot either. Her video on ‘social distancing’ was guaranteed to trigger all the right people. PETA was particularly upset. I think she has a future on a more national stage if she wants to pursue it.

·       From my favorite site, The Babylon Bee. In lieu of new justice, Trump announces he will simply grant Justice Thomas two votes. And a few more good ones: Biden Campaign holds boat parade and another that has the ring of truth. Biden forgets to put on clothes, media praises his majestic outfit. Also, Progressive activists encouraging Black Americans to quit their jobs so Trump can’t use it as a statistic. Sometimes satire is just so close to the truth, isn’t it?

·       So many good headlines. Just take your pick. The Bongino Report.

·       Big Tech goes all in against Trump. I’m betting that there will be a day of reckoning following the election and it’s well-deserved. They have no one to blame but their own hubris.

·       The Best of Kayleigh. Did the reporter mean the peaceful transition of power like we had in 2016?

·       Some well-behaved Biden/Harris sign bearers showed up to protest a talk by Don, Jr. in New Hampshire.

·       You just keep thinking that Stage 4 TDS sufferers can’t get any more insane. You’d be wrong. This poor self-proclaimed attorney/soccer mom was pushed into Satanism.

·       Not since Eric Swalwell cut the cheese on national television has there been such a Twitter storm. Jerry Nadler seems to have had a senior moment during a Nancy Pelosi presser. Here’s the clip.

·       This is simply unbelievable! I see a good lawsuit coming. Woman tased and handcuffed and arrested for not wearing a mask at an outdoor high school football game that was sparsely attended.

·       More foreign policy success and a great place for a boat parade, Lake Trump. The Nobel Peace Prizes just keep piling up.

·       I’ve chronicled Paul Krugman’s borderline insanity for years, but I think it may have progressed well past borderline. His stage 4 consumptive TDS was on full display in his most recent column as he went full dingbat. Never go full dingbat.

·       Texas Reloaded. Great joint campaign ad.

·       If you really want your blood to boil, read this account of the events leading up to the suicide of Restaurant/Bar owner Jake Gardner.