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In The News for Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Posted Jan 18 2023 6:52AM

·        I think we are at the point where the Democrats and their media enablers are coming to the inescapable conclusion that they may be past the point where they can cover Biden’s corruption. Ian Sams is the White House spokesman for oversight and investigations. He is almost spazzing in place right now which would seem to indicate the Republicans are circling the target.

·        New Church Committee Has A Chance To Show How Bad The Federal Gov’t Has Gone Off The Rails.

The FBI has used the CIA and NSA to surveil American citizens. The intelligence community has surveilled Congressional offices. The Department of Homeland Security surveilled reporters and others. The FBI surveilled presidential campaign staff in 2016.

·        How surprising. Who wouldn’t have thought this series would be wildly popular? Maybe anyone outside the woke entertainment industry. Gay Netflix series Uncoupled starring Neil Patrick Harris cancelled after single season due to low viewer interest.

·        Hopefully, we’ll see this  harpy raked over the coals and then put in a dunking chair. She does seem a bit panicked and hysterical. Here is the clip. Poor Bill. Caption the look on his face. It must be a living hell. Just saying. LOL. There are some hilarious posts on this thread.

·        A very good rundown by Matt Taibbi who has been going over the Twitter files. I hope a Congressional committee makes these people pay. Reputations should be destroyed and people fired and prosecuted.

·        Reparations For All! Among the 50 states, California stands out as the most worthy of ridicule.

·        This Sanctuary City business isn’t working out too well, is it? Who would have imagined? Byron York sums it up nicely.

·        Biden Gaffe du jour.

·        Alex, I’ll take Gullible Idiots for $300