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In The News for Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Posted Dec 21 2020 9:30PM

·       History repeats itself? You might find President Eisenhower’s actions following the 1960 election eerily similar to President Trump’s following this one. As should be no surprise, Illinois was at the center of that one as Daly delivered thousands of fraudulent ballots.

·       Election Fraud Update: The chances of overturning this fraud are not looking good, but here is what’s going on. The ballots in question are more than enough to swing the election.

How it happened:

1.     Pick six Democrat-machine controlled cities.

2.     On election night stop the count & figure out the spreads.

3.     Add enough non-verified ballots to cheat big.

4.     Resume the counts.

5.     Flip the states.

6.     Declare historic “victory”

·       This sure ought to give you a feeling of confidence. An eleven-year old changed election results on a Florida state website in under 10 minutes.

·       I think we all know the answer to this question, don’t we? Pelosi repeatedly refuses to answer CNN about why she rejected bigger stimulus bill before election.

·       Okay. How crazy can we get?

·       Well, we do seem to be regressing, don’t we?

·       Another woke politician threatens to shoot those demonstrating for their constitutional rights.

·       San Francisco stats: Overdose deaths for 2020 – 621, COVIDti-19 deaths – 173.

·       Big Tech needs to be made liable for censorship.

·       Restaurants organize to ban Gov. Cuomo from ‘all New York City establishments.’ I told you we were approaching the point where citizens take to the streets with lanterns and pitchforks.

·       An Open Letter to the American Coward. A very good piece and well worth reading.

·       Four minus two equals two. My kind of math. Four armed bad guys break into home…only two make it out alive when Dad opens fire. The other two were wounded and taken to the hospital.

·       Dare we hope? Sidney Powell meets President Trump in White House for second time in 48 hours.

·       Is it just me or do you think the Washington Post and New York Times and CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC would be all over this story 24/7 if it involved Republicans? Swalwell’s Chinese paramour pictured with Feinstein’s Chinese spy drive. I’m betting zero coverage. Or this one. 56% of Americans believe Biden consulted about Hunter’s business deals. Must have missed it on CNN.

·       Looks like Apple is planning on coming out with an iCar in 2024. Wonder if Elon Musk will decide to come out with a Tesla Phone? Count me in.