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In The News for Monday, November 7, 2022
Posted Nov 07 2022 5:47AM

·        Some saw this as the perfect metaphor for the campaign of brain damaged John Fetterman. All the flags fell as he began his rally. And this. Perhaps one of the worst political ads of all time. Selling Fetterman.

·        Early voting in Nevada could be a harbinger of good things coming. Another is this poll from Trafalger which indicated that two thirds of independent voters believe friends and family are afraid to say who they will actually vote for.  

·        NBC Deep-Sixes Pelosi Story. As Elon Musk tweeted to Hillary Clinton earlier, I think pretty much everyone has figured out that there is more to this story than is being revealed in the mainstream media and Democratic narrative.

·        Great headline from Thursday’s New York Times. David Brooks: Why Aren’t the Democrats Trouncing These Guys? Well, David, perhaps it is because there has never in our history been a more incompetent bunch people running the country. Remember Hillary wondering why she wasn’t 50 points ahead of Trump? Or Michael Dukakis “I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy?” Here’s an old SNL skit.

·        One of my favorites has had about all she can take. Thought From The Ammo Line.  

·        Navy Admiral Charles A. Richard has some words of warning. You mean our major worry isn’t a lack of diversity or enough transsexual officers?

·        More Heartwarming News From The World Of High Tech.

 In recent years, vastly too much wealth has been concentrated in companies whose contributions are, frankly, trivial. 

·        Well, this isn’t something you see every day. CNN Crushes President Biden With Fact Check.

·        This series about Californians moving to Texas has been hilarious. Here is Episode 4: The Gun Range