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In The News for Monday, September 19, 2022
Posted Sep 18 2022 8:55PM
I feel better already. With all the problems we face, it’s nice to be assured by Kamala and Karine Jean Pierre that we have competent people on the job. ROTFLMAO! As Steven Hayward says, maybe The GOP Learning How To Fight (Updated). Gov. Abbott and Gov.DeSantis have pretty much forced a recalcitrant media to cover the illegal immigration story. As usual, the Babylon Bee was quick to take up the subject. Martha’s Vineyard Resident Calls Police To Report A Hispanic In The Neighborhood Not Operating A Leaf Blower.
DeSantis Airlines.png

·      ·        From the Democrat playbook. Fraud Pays.

One more thought occurs to me: financial fraud of the kind we see here exists largely because the Democratic Party doesn’t have a problem with it. So, how about voter fraud? As with financial fraud, the Democrats are not opposed to it; even more so, they count on voter fraud to supplement their honest vote totals. If financial fraud exists at the epic levels that we have documented, voter fraud is probably even worse.

·        A true minority. White heterosexual multi-millionaires. But is he whining? No.

·        A little food for thought when investing in companies that are demonstrably woke. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, now Meta Platforms, spent $500 million trying to influence the 2020 elections and has reportedly been acting like the East German Stasi in reporting his customers to the FBI if they say anything politically he doesn’t like. Meanwhile, the market capitalization of his company has declined from over $1 trillion to $393 billion, a loss of $631 billion to shareholders. The chart would indicate that there could be more to come. Meanwhile I’m crying big old crocodile tears for Mark. The last time Relative Strength was at this level, the stock was $72.                                                                 Meta Platforms.pngZuckerberg.jpg

·        It’s no secret that a lot of Democrats have been trying to distance themselves from our senescent dolt-in chief, but this guy has taken it to a new level. Ohio Democrat David Esrati has accused the president of corruption and called his son Hunter a “dope fiend.”

·        Anyone remember the last time a Democrat condemned this kind of behavior? I didn’t think so. More violence from the left.

·        “Presentism” is the movement among the woke history departments to judge those who lived a hundred or five hundred years ago by present standards. Bill Maher had some comments. Good clip. Favorite quote: “I think Meryl Streep should play Seabiscuit so every girl would know she could grow up to become a racehorse.”  

·        I’ve commented several times about the prices facing those in the UK and Europe. Check this out. If accurate, things are even worse that I thought. Much worse. Put it in perspective. It means my $300 electric & gas utility bill would jump to $8957. We’ll be burning the furniture in the fireplace and cooking over charcoal. Factories will be shutting down. Disaster of unimaginable proportion looms.